A Dollar and a Peso cross the ocean

Just finished sending our remittance via special U.S. Bank account to our accounts receivable in the Philippines. This made me wonder about pay and all those dollars being multiplied into pesos.

We had just sent our 90 Virtual assistants over $30,000 USD, which in Peso is PHP 1,300,746.  Yes, we had definitely made some wallets very fat this week.

My Social Media Virtual Assistant then says to me, do you realize you help feed 90 families in our country, and allow them all to spend a lot more time with their kids and parents.  That is something that will make any business owner feel good.

But it made me wonder about what sort of life the MyOutDesk payroll provides for our Virtual Assistants.  Is it enough?  Is it too much?  What can a $6.00 – $8.00 USD per hour VA do with the salary they receive each month?

Payscale.com says the average operations manager in the Philippines is paid about 12,803.63 USD a year or approximately PHP 557,895.00.  We pay our operations manager 18,000 USD (PHP 780,447.60) every year.  But she is worth more and I never cease to tell her that daily.

After some research, I found that the average Salary Range for a doctor in the Philipines the doctor has 3 years experience and is working under a more experienced doctor, and they don’t own the practice. They are making an average of 387,675 annually, that equates to PHP 8,897.10 USD/year.  We pay our Advanced and manager Virtual Assistants more to start with our company.

But pay is not everything.  Providing a good living for your family is.

There is another type of Philipino worker, other than Virtual and regular employees in the Philipines.  These are Overseas Filipino Workers also known as OFW.  They leave their family and work for employers in countries around the world for many types of jobs.  Most of these workers are less skilled, than the people we recruit in MyOutDesk – we know, because some of them have applied with us.

The clients they work for usually live in Dubai, Qatar, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Canada or the United States.  It is estimated that 11% of the Filipino population is working overseas to live support their family.  You can check out www.pinoyoverseas.net to get the scoop.

I guess I now understand why everyone seems so thankful when we hold our conferences and trainings.  Actually, every pay day is like a mini-celebration in our Skype chat.  I guess I have been accustomed to the culture of employment here in the U.S.  The “Screw-the-boss” and “I-hate-my-job” work culture, I’d like to call it.

At MyOutdesk we pay our workers more than the companies that compete for talent with us.  We allow them more time with their families, they constantly get updated training, offer a lot of benefits and actually care about them and how they are doing.

After thinking about all of this.  It made me fully understand where all the extra politeness, all the overtime I never asked for, the dedication of our people are coming from.  They really, sincerely love their jobs.

This is what makes them different from any employee you will ever have.

I am proud of what we built in the Philippines and I want to kick this into second gear today.  So call us to find your own dedicated Virtual Assistant!

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