About Us

Every day, Realtors spend their time doing tasks that are necessary but highly administrative, routine, and time-consuming. They end up working overtime if they want to generate new business or stay in touch with previous clients. As Realtors ourselves, we knew there had to be a more productive way to use our time and have the ability to focus on the core activities that drive income and sales.

  • Founded in 2008,
  • Set the standard in real estate outsourcing,
  • Easy process to outsource your prospecting, marketing and administrative needs;
  • Provide great service at affordable rates.

MISSION: To provide Realtors with indispensable leverage through our Virtual Professionals to help them regain their time freedom and have the ability to grow their business, all while reducing costs.

VISION: Find Talent, Match Talent, Extend the Movement

MOD Movement

Here at MyOutDesk, we are proud to be active in our working communities, both in the United States, as well as the Philippines. We affectionately and passionately call our efforts to build opportunities the MOD Movement. Within the MOD Movement, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in creating more opportunities for others.

MyOutDesk works with Boystown Manila, a non-profit organization that caters to Manila’s abandoned, forgotten, and voluntarily surrendered children, teenagers, and senior citizens.

If you so wish, you could also help us with our work with Boystown. Visit https://www.modmovement.org/

  • Help others live better lives by providing more access to nutritious meals, medicine and a comfortable place to sleep at night,
  • Provide school supplies for less fortunate children,
  • Connect the lonely and forgotten individuals with caring people from different backgrounds to rebuild the feeling of community.

Our Company

MyOutDesk is a United States based Real Estate Virtual Assistant company with offices in Northern California and the Philippines. Hiring top quality real estate virtual assistants for your business is what we do every day. We provide Virtual Assistants for real estate professionals, with skill sets and personality profiles that fit your real estate team/business.

Our real estate support services include database management, prospect management, lead generation, multiple listing service (MLS), transaction coordination and marketing. Our support team works together with you and your Real Estate Virtual Assistant to ensure that the addition to your team is a success and that your Virtual Assistant becomes a vital player in your real estate team. Using Virtual Assistants for your real estate business allows you to delegate repetitive, yet essential tasks, freeing you to focus on more important things, such as expanding your real estate business and spending time with clients. All the while saving you money and freeing up time to do what you’re best at.

MyOutDesk becomes familiar with your real estate systems and personality profiles before recommending Real Estate Virtual Assistants for you to interview. We want your Virtual Assistant to be an ideal fit. Our real estate virtual assistant support team works together with you and your Virtual Assistant to ensure that the addition to your team is a success and that your assistant becomes a vital player in your real estate team.

Our trained Real Estate Virtual Assistants are from all parts of the world. Having MyOutDesk’s Virtual Assistants work from their fully-equipped home offices we are able to offer significant cost savings to our real estate clients compared to similar USA based service providers who may charge anywhere from $15 to $50 per hour. MyOutDesk is able to offer better Real Estate Virtual Assistant service and results for an average cost of $8.60 to $9.60 per hour.