What is a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant?

MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants are our employees who work for you over the internet from their home office for a monthly fee.  They can be responsible for a variety of real estate tasks ranging from transaction coordination to lead generation enabling you to focus your time and energy on those activities that generate income like meeting face to face with buyers and sellers.

Why is a Virtual Assistant less expensive than a local employee?

A MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant is paid a fixed salary for their services which you may write off as a business expense.  There are no hidden fees or additional costs such as federal and state payroll taxes, FICA, unemployment insurance, or benefits.  Nor is additional equipment or office space required.

How does MyOutDesk find quality Virtual Assistants?

MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants undergo a rigorous screening, interviewing, and assessment process.  Only the highest caliber personnel are selected to  begin our real estate intensive training program which further ensures the Virtual Assistant has an understanding of real estate terminology and processes, especially in the area of work where they will be placed.

Does my Virtual Assistant work in my time zone?

Yes, MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants will work in your time zone.

How does MyOutDesk facilitate communication with my overseas Virtual Assistant?

MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants are located where English is the common second language. Our college educated Virtual Assistants come from schools where English is the medium of teaching and most have been speaking and writing English since childhood.  In addition, MyOutDesk’s screening process filters out applicants with poor English communication skills.

Is my Virtual Assistant easy to understand?

Yes.  English is the common second language to MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants.  Since childhood, they have been taught to speak and write English.  The Philippines is also considered an “accent neutral” country which is why many US companies base call centers and other operations there.

How do I start the process of obtaining a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant?

Call us to schedule your FREE consultation with a MyOutDesk account specialist at 800-583-9950 or click here now!