Daniel Ramsey

Daniel’s years of experience in Real Estate contributes an invaluable amount of insight and expertise to MyOutDesk in general. His knowledge of the industry is a great asset when it comes to business development, sales and marketing strategies. Being a Real Estate Broker, General Contractor and Developer has proven to provide a foundation of core competencies of value from the realtor perspective, leading MyOutDesk to grow exponentially and find great success. Daniel’s passion for the Real Estate industry coupled with his love for innovative ideas are key elements in achieving his desire to dominate the enterprise.

Jeff McCaffrey

Being an Operations Executive who managed large-scale projects in online retail, distribution, warehousing and customer service, Jeff knows what needs to be done in order to deliver promises made to local and national consumer markets. His previous experience and his implementations have inspired MyOutDesk team members to push for excellence and deliver nothing but the best. Whether it is developing a service or product, Jeff’s no-nonsense approach has proven infallible and has definitely been a huge factor in MyOutDesk’s growth and development.

Lily Flor

Lily started her journey in the industry as a Virtual Assistant herself. She is one of the pioneers of MyOutDesk and has played a huge role in establishing processes and figuring out what works best for MyOutDesk Virtual assistants and clients, making sure that each partnership is harmonious and long lasting. She currently heads the recruitment, training and human resources departments in the Philippines and is dedicated to matching the right Virtual Assistants to the right clients at the right time.

Julie Galido

Julie was one of the first Virtual Assistants of MyOutDesk; in fact she was Daniel Ramsey’s assistant for his first company, Ramsey Real Estate and Development Corporation. She currently leads the IT and Special Projects team, ensuring that all processes and systems work reliably.

Paul Vasquez

For the past 10 years, Paul has been a licensed real estate professional and has been a huge asset to MyOutDesk since 2012. His versatile background in various fields of the industry (sales management, accounting management, sales development and training) has been effectively utilized to improve and elevate MyOutDesk’s relationship with clients. He is dedicated to working with each individual and ensures that their Virtual Assistant brings leverage to their business. Paul also holds a B.A. degree in communications which makes him extremely effective at what he does.

Adelaide Gale

Adelaide leads MyOutDesk’s Client Success Coaches team in the Philippines. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information systems as well as a wealth of experience in Real Estate Customer Service and Sales Coaching. She and her team are dedicated to ensuring that each client and Virtual Assistant have a cohesive relationship and deals with any issues that may arise.