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Houses Don't Have To Be Seen To Be Sold - Virtual Real Estate Selling with Knolly Williams

Understand the magic of selling physical real estate through virtual solutions. This year is your ultimate test. Fun Fact: THE Knolly Williams doesn’t go to a showing UNTIL he’s already signing the listing agreement / selling / closing the sale. He’s worked remotely more than he has stayed in an office (started at 23 years old, and he’s in his early 50s now).

The 3Rs: Building A Sales Organization

In order to take the next step on the 7-Figure Business Roadmap, every employee you have must somehow be involved in the identification, attraction, and retention of customers. That is the path to growth and scaling.


Presenting should involve focusing on what is in it for them, the clients. What is their best outcome? We often ask our clients, “If you could have one win out of this call, what would it be?” Focus on determining what would be a win for them.

SDR Examples: Using Sales Development Reps

About 50 percent of the virtual professionals we place with clients are fulfilling clients’ sales development outcomes. Through that experience, we have garnered a lot of evidence about how best to prepare virtual professionals for sales.

The 7 Figure Business Roadmap

The Business Roadmap will help you focus on the things that matter at different levels of revenue and team size. If you dream about playing in your industry’s version of the NFL, come get the 7-Figure Business Roadmap.

Play, Pause, Do: Your Virtual Documentation

The process of documenting your procedures virtually is something we call Play, Pause, Do. This is where you take a written standard operating procedure and record a screen share that shows you actually doing the activity.

Outcomes: How To Restructure To Scale

In our postindustrialized, global economy, clinging to task-based thinking is at best inefficient and, at worst, a significant disadvantage. Task-based thinking and getting stuck in the day-to-day grind of your business are closely related.

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