Asana: Productivity App for Managing Your Virtual Assistant

You can collaborate and work effectively just as well with a Real Estate Virtual Assistant as an in house assistant. You just need the right system and tools in place. There are many tools in the marketplace which can help with communication and to stay in sync on tasks or projects. One of those tools is Asana, which is can be described as a productivity application. Businesses large and small are using it to manage projects, get employees off email, and inspire a new way of working. It’s rated one of the best productivity apps available today, making it a PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice in 2014 . Here are a few of the pros and cons of the application:


  • Asana is free to use. If you want upgraded features in the workspace or team sections, you can sign up for a membership.
  • You can create tasks that you need your virtual assistant to do or yourself, instead of sending an instant message or email.
  • There is a shared projects function, where you can tie tasks to the project, schedule meetings and add checklists.
  • Within the app, you and your virtual assistant can comment on tasks or projects – keeping them organized in one location
  • Asana will send you automatic updates about tasks that pertain to you.
  • You can add files from Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Asana’s newly released mobile app, allow you to work from anywhere on iOS and Android
  • The system allows you to quickly see the teams goals and milestones


  • The system currently does not have any offline capabilities.
  • It is not ideal for passing graphic files and projects, due to file sizes
  • There is no chat feature, so you would still need an instant messenger
  • Allows for day based or project based assignments but not multi-day

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