Benefits Of Using a Virtual Assistant for your Calling Services

Is your calendar currently overflowing with daily tasks? Do you have a long list of leads you need to follow up on? Is your office phone ringing off the hook, yet you’re too busy to take every call? If this sounds like you, you are hindering your productivity and growth.

No matter what industry you’re in, the solution is a Virtual Assistantt—especially when it comes to inbound and outbound calls. From improved customer service to strengthened leads, a virtual professional frees up your time so that you can focus on the core objectives of your business.

Although virtual professionals can support all aspects of your business, those who provide calling services will certainly take your business to new heights—here’s how.

Calling Services Across Varying Industries

Regardless of the industry, business owners need to complete a range of critical tasks on a daily basis. For example, someone operating a business in the health and wellness sector will need to take client/patient inquiries, just as someone in real estate will need to answer ongoing questions.

From residential services to technology, mortgage to insurance, all of these industries require someone to be on the other end of the phone, supporting customers, clients, referrals, etc. Here are just a few examples of how calling services can impact daily operations.

•  If you’re a health and wellness coach, you’ll want to focus your attention on client services and treatments, all while building positive, trusting relationships. Just imagine someone taking all of your calls, scheduling appointments, conducting follow-ups, and even up-selling services to existing clients. You can then better focus on the growth of your company and wellness brand.

•  For those in construction or HVAC, your time is best spent on-site. However, without administrative solutions, your business will suffer. Someone needs to be taking calls, scheduling appointments, and conducting basic telemarketing to gain new clients. This is all possible when hiring a virtual assistant.

Although some companies opt for a customer service call center, these large-scale operations will generally cut into your bottom line. These services can be very expensive and if not monitored regularly, you may find that you’re not receiving a significant return on your investment.

In comparison, a Virtual Assistant is much more affordable. Although working on a smaller scale, the benefits and available services remain the same. This option provides small and medium businesses an opportunity to grow without eating up their entire budget.

4 Ways Calling Services Will Benefit Your Business

If you have been considering calling services, here’s how a Virtual Assistant can boost productivity and in turn, the growth and success of your company/brand.

1. Hassle-free inbound and outbound calling services when you need them — Unlike an in-house employee, virtual assistants are there when you need them, even outside of “normal” office hours, if you so wish to schedule their time in that manner.

2. More affordable — Not only is a virtual assistant more affordable than a call center, but they are also less expensive than an in-house employee. From benefits to office space, equipment and administrative costs, you can boost revenues by outsourcing the daily tasks associated with calling services. Acting as your own mini call center, a Virtual Assistant can handle all inbound and outbound calls for a fraction of the cost.

3. Perfect for seasonal work – Depending on what season it is for your business, a virtual professional can adjust their tasks and be flexible to what your company/business needs at any time. They are used to a wide array of tasks and can easily adjust to your business’ specific goals for specific seasons. For example, a marketing Virtual Assistant can create ads and other marketing materials for special deals during Valentine’s day or Christmas. Or if your business has a specific time of year where you need your client’s contacted to remind them of deadlines or follow-up appointments, Virtual Assistants can focus on those tasks while you continue doing what you need to do.
4.  Improved customer service — Without your customers, you would not have a business. Not only can calling services benefit your existing customers, they can also find new clients through lead generation and product/service promotion.

If you think you could benefit from calling services, we’d be happy to help you meet your current (and evolving) needs. Schedule your strategy session today!