Lisa Archer Opens Up About Creating a Successful Real Estate Business!


MyOutDesk is a Virtual Professional company that offers you a solution to help you grow your business for a fraction of the cost of hiring in house employee's. MOD has been offering high caliber virtual professionals for 10 years, helping over 4000 clients. We seek to match you with talent to whom you can delegate your important, daily tasks, and fill gaps that may exist in your operations. We have established ourselves as the first and best Virtual Professional Company in the Real Estate world since 2008. While majority of our clients have been in the Real estate space, we are excited as we expand our services to other industries such as insurance, mortgage, health and wellness, residential services and so much more!

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In this post, we would like to introduce one of our long-time clients, Real Estate dynamo, Lisa Archer. Read on and/or watch the video in order to get a glimpse of what kind of impact a MyOutDesk virtual professional can make on your business. 

Not too long ago we sat down to have an “Ask Me Anything” Session with Keller Williams agent, and CEO of Live Love Homes in Charlotte, North Carolina, Lisa Archer.

MyOutDesk CEO, Daniel Ramsey has a great conversation with Lisa on how she grew her business from being an agent to being a CEO … and what it took to get there. Lisa opens up about her strategies for getting listings, building teams and how she structured a highly successful 7-Figure Agency.

Grab a pen and paper and get ready to take some notes! There is so much valuable information packed in just 1 hour … you wont be disappointed!

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