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As any business owner will tell you, the majority of the work that has to be done isn’t the thing that everybody thinks about when they think about running a business.

In this article we will identify six common reasons for businesses to use remote administrative assistants, focusing primarily on small businesses with between one and twenty employees, in order to give you an idea about the ways in which this can benefit each of them.



Projects vs Needs vs Time

Sure, you’ve got your big ideas. You have to come up with a way to make money. You have to present solutions and establish a company culture and reputation. You also need to come up with advertising and marketing campaigns and keep on top of compliance requirements.

All your projects take time and money, but it represents just a portion of what it actually takes to run an effective business each day, and that’s why every single one of these tasks needs to be broken down into smaller components so that they don’t overwhelm you.

Some of those smaller components might be as easy as coming up with a social media strategy, or as complicated as finding all the information and advice you’re missing to do what you need to do. Or maybe it’s time to implement a new employee app or figure out how your time is being spent.

No matter the size of your business, there are day-to-day tasks that demand your attention and personal attention but may not justify their own dedicated staff time. That’s where remote administrative assistants can help give you a digital shoulder to lean on.

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Why your business needs Remote Administrative Virtual Assistants

With remote administrative assistants, as you’re able to handle the more complex tasks yourself, you can hand grunt work over to your administrative assistant.

1. Administrative Assistants for Any Task – Even Those That Take Time to Do


Some things just take time and effort, and not everybody is skilled enough to be able to do everything perfectly. If you’re not a professional organizer, booking travel arrangements or creating an employee document management system may take you a little longer than you’d like. But if you have remote administrative assistants that can handle the more complex tasks, then there is no reason to spend that time on something else. You can move through your day more quickly, and focus on the things that only you should be working on at any given time.


2. Working around the clock is possible for you, WITHOUT having to world around the clock


Most of the administrative tasks that you would assign an employee will require you to be available at least during the time when they are working. While this can work out well for remote employees, your business can operate around the clock. Having remote administrative assistants means that you never have to be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. As long as the task can be handled in smaller blocks of time or at specific times each day, it can still be handled remotely.

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3. You Have the Advantage of Distance, WITHOUT the Disadvantage of Distance


There are times when your presence is required at another location; whether you need to meet with someone else in person, or handle an emergency situation that requires your personal attention, it’s nice to know that you have someone who can attend to details while you take care of business on the other side of town, on a different continent, or even on another planet. Remote administrative assistants give you freedom without sacrificing your ability to get something done quickly and easily.


4. Separate Your Personal and Business Life, With the Peace of Mind of Knowing You Have Back-Up in Hand


If you’re a busy entrepreneur, then having your administrative assistants be part of your team means that you’ll always know they are there for you. If something goes wrong, or if you are on vacation for a week and need to have someone else take care of things while you are unavailable, then your administrative assistant is ready to step in and get the job done. (Of course, this may require that they have time available at the moment; businesses with small staff may not be able to afford extra hours or pay for additional help.)

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5. Remote Access Helps You Focus on Administration Without Distractions



As humans we often find it hard to work effectively when there are distractions around us: smartphones ringing, people talking near us or even just an unexpected noise can disrupt our concentration. Having virtual & remote employees means that these distractions do not have to be factored into our workflow; we don’t even need to worry about whether an employee has turned their email notifications on or off at any given time. This means that we can get our work done, and we don’t need to worry about other things that could be taking up our attention.


6. Remote Administrative Assistants are Happy to Work for You, So They’ll Provide Their Best Performance


Career-oriented remote administrative assistants are happy to come and work for you. They don’t have time pressures at the office and they won’t be distracted by other things; they will want to do their best for their employer because they care about how well those efforts go.

You may ask this question: who would want this service? The answer is it could be anyone from the CEO of a Fortune 5000 corporation or a small business owner, with the goal is simple – having access to technology tools at your fingertips without risking an interruption in daily operations.

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Don’t box yourself! Outsourcing opens up your world to the talent that’s more affordable and probably more fit with your needed skill sets, saving you tens of thousands from additional office space, and other significant expenses related to in-house hires.


“Outsourcing makes the hustle better — because you’re not burdened with many/growing expenses that you’ll need to figure out how to cover and hit profit”


Did You Know?  MyOutDesk’s origin story is set during the last global financial crisis of 2008. Yes, that’s right — our business started by scaling businesses with virtual assistants during a recession! Our first client in 2008 went from five to seventeen VPs with a completely revamped organizational model in short order, and he told MyOutDesk, “Our virtual professionals have shaved $250,000 off our monthly overhead.”




Focus on your growth & scale your operations


Simply put, MyOutDesk equips entrepreneurs & business owners with tools, strategies, and virtual employees – and when combined, businesses have a competitive edge and find growth while efficient systems and processes are put in place.

MyOutDesk proudly provides additional free business growth guides, books, and strategy calls.

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