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It’s that time of year when we try to reflect on everything we’re grateful for in our lives. Honestly, we should reflect like this throughout the year but nobody’s perfect, right? We’re busy professionals! We don’t have time to stop and smell the roses! Although, if you had a few virtual assistants helping you out, you probably would have time for that. Just saying! But I digress. With Thanksgiving fast approaching(wow this year flew by!) it’s the appropriate time to take a look at the year behind us and reflect on how it got us here. The decisions we made, the people who helped, and everything that stood the test of time. I’m sure you have plenty of personal things you could list that might get you feeling all warm and fuzzy, but for the sake of dry eyes let’s focus on the business stuff. After all, our business is your business. 

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Thankful For New Technology

This is an easy one. We’re all thankful for the advancements in technology that have… well, advanced our lives. From being able to deposit a check by taking a picture with your phone, to ordering cat food online with 2-hour shipping; life has gotten super convenient. But how has technology improved your business? Maybe you launched an app this year that made it easier for your clients to schedule appointments or get support. Maybe you implemented a new software at the office that helped automate something and improved your productivity. In any case, technology surely helped you this past year. With so much of the workforce staying home, you had no choice but to embrace technology. So even if you didn’t try some new tech gadget, you at least relied on technology in some way to keep your business running. Which means you likely had people supporting it with you. Researching new tools, testing them, training your team on using them, implementing them into your existing processes, etc. A lot of us wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for advancements in technology. And for that, we’re forever thankful.


Thankful For All of The People

All of the tech in the world is nothing without the people behind it. Be that the people who came up with it and designed it, and built it. Or like I mentioned previously, the people who help bring it into real-world use at companies like yours. Surely you have a team of folks you’re thankful for because you can’t imagine making it as far as you have without them. If you’re doing things right, then your employees should be just as focused on your vision as you are. They believe in your company mission and most importantly they believe in you. We’re nothing without our teams; as they support our efforts, bring new ideas to the table, and hustle to accomplish the tasks set forth. Never forget the human behind the numbers.


Thankful For Flexibility

If your company is still kicking then you’ve likely been at least somewhat flexible during these unprecedented times. This could mean ‘trimming the fat’ where you saw it necessary, loosening the reigns on your employees a bit, embracing remote work, even trying new things as you tried to adapt to an ever-changing professional world. Of course, part of being the boss means being rigid sometimes, stubborn, and firm with your decisions. But it also means being open to new ideas, change, and evolution. Our bodies stay in shape when we constantly move them, put them through strained exercises, and then stretch so as to facilitate healthy growth. Being flexible is an important part of improvement. Our businesses are no different. So cheers to having the luxury of flexibility at a time when it’s most important.

We’re Thankful For You

These are just a few of the things we’re thankful for, not to mention you the reader. We’re thankful for you too! Whether you’re just browsing this blog and have never used our service, or you’re an existing client. Either way, this blog is being written because of you. Never lose sight of how and why you got to where you are now. When we fail we’re quick to pick apart everything that leads us to loss. We want to assign blame to someone or something so we can say “that’s why it didn’t work! It wasn’t just me!”. We don’t often enough do the inverse when things are successful. Now is the time to assign praise, instead. Point to the people and things that made it all possible. The last couple of years haven’t been easy, and we’re sure you couldn’t have done it alone. 


If while reading this, at any point you hesitated to relate, then something needs to change. Because those three things should be the minimum of what any successful company is thankful for right now. And believe it or not, virtual assistants have a direct impact on all three of them. Maybe you need help adopting new technology, and further help maintaining it. Maybe you need some extra hands on deck for customer support, scheduling, billing, etc. Or perhaps your team is overwhelmed and needs some backup so they can have less stressful holidays. Even just one of our experienced, educated, reliable virtual assistants can be something you are thankful for in any of those cases. So don’t hesitate to reach out via the link below, and request a free one-on-one consultation. We’ll listen first and then propose an action plan. We guarantee you’ll be thankful you did.

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