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Remote staffing and virtual teams have seen a dramatic rise in popularity over the past decade. Surprisingly, even during the course of the upcoming 2020 year, experts are predicting that virtual & remote staff will become far commonplace & accepted as a part of the business than in the past – especially in organizations with a lot of tasks that don’t require a physical presence in the office.

A recent study found that a company can save over $10,000 annually when it hires remote staff. Findings also said that remote or virtual staff show a higher level of productivity, greater satisfaction rate, and not to mention access to a wider global talent pool. Despite these great findings, businesses and their consequent leaders still face many challenges in managing a global, remote team.

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Communication– Communication is an important aspect of managing a virtual team or virtual staff. You need to be flexible and find ways to communicate in a way that works for everybody. Finding a system that will address all your needs as a team is essential. Once you find your platform or platforms for communication, you should set up a specific meeting time weekly. Even a quick daily huddle ensures that everyone is apprised of each others’ tasks at hand. So you can address any concerns, etc., be flexible about how you communicate, and make sure that your team is aware of how to reach you at any given time and vice versa.


Company Culture- Experts say that top companies have been focusing more on their culture and identity as an organization in recent years. When handling a virtual team, this might be a little more challenging. This means that it may take a little more effort to establish the kind of environment and interpersonal interactions you wish to foster. You may want to consider setting up meetings for the sole purpose of your team getting to know each other better. Create spaces and specific times where the objective is to bond as a team and get invested in each other.


Synchronicity- Synchronicity can be a challenge when everyone is scattered all over the globe. Challenging but not impossible. To be on the same page, you can set systems and processes in place so that everyone is following the same protocols and will always be on the same page. You can use other tools such as project collaboration software as well.


Trust- Trust is a sticky thing when it comes to managing a virtual team. It is quite understandable that you are more likely to trust an in-house employee who you can see at any time versus someone working remotely who you cannot. However, if you allow this distrust to manifest when you deal with your virtual team, it will most definitely negatively affect you. Micromanaging your team will only lead to frustration and ultimately a breakdown of your entire system if you go this route. Therefore, be transparent and express your expectation of reciprocity of said transparency. Set clear deadlines, timelines, and expectations for all assigned responsibilities. Establish your availability in case of any roadblocks. You may also want to invest in some time tracking software if need be. Finally, make sure that you establish responsibility and accountability in your team and remember why you hired your team members to trust that they will do what they need to do.

All in all, creating a virtual team can reap many benefits for you and your business. It can open up many doors and solve many of your pain points. However, always keep in mind that it is always a two-way street, and you must match their efforts. Different challenges will come up that you may have to deal with in ways you never thought possible. It would be best if you gave the same zeal and diligence to go with an in-house team. The circumstances will be re-framed.

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