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Which traits from these 4 sales tactics or characteristics do you and your sales team possess?


The 4 Types of Sales



#1 – The Uninformed


  • Sells the product for the sake of the sale, without genuine intention and consideration for the buyer
  • Tends to use bait & switch tactics
  • Bullies buyer into a sale
  • Is willing to exaggerate or be dishonest for the sale
  • Tends to describe their product disproportionally as “hot” and selling out fast.
  • Can have an outlandish personality or be a nutjob.



  1. Angry clients & buyers
  2. Difficult transactions, the strain on revenue
  3. Unpredictable, phantom revenue stream


#2 – The Emergency Sale


  • Prompted by urgent events; an external catalyst tends to lead the buyer to the sale
  • Often a speedy transaction where both parties are quick to follow up
  • This business model tends to be 24/7 and only applies to some business models, i.e., bail bonds companies or urgent care facilities
  • Lead flow tends to not be predictable



  1. Short-term clients
  2. Unpredictable buyer loyalty
  3. Unpredictable revenue
  4. This business model can pose strains on delivery


#3 – Education Sale


  • Willing to investigate and propose problem-solving approaches and solutions
  • Prioritizes time over KLT factor (Know, Like, Trust in the brand)
  • Predictable lead flow and easy to analyze
  • Tends to have multiple engagements with buyers and clients
  • Higher service quality, so higher prices/connections/credibility
  • Requires sales talent to process self-education abilities, over prioritizing a sales process



  1. Fosters backbone clients
  2. Increased client loyalty
  3. Predictable delivery
  4. Predictable revenue
  5. Expensive COA


#4 – Order Taking Sale


  • This talent has graduated from Education Sales
  • Consistent traffic through strong referral flow
  • Are consistent self-educators (self-growth)
  • Are solution aware, can describe the big picture to their clientele
  • Has consistent repeat customers & quick buyers
  • LAY DOWN SALES (Once the seller comes in, the buyer says yes.)

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Why does it matter to me?


To effectively sell, it takes a large amount of evolving and adapting. Sometimes it’s the product, while most of the time it’s the sales personality.

A strong sales & marketing team with the right talents can effectively nurture & be a top producing team with predictable results. It requires the leader, the CEO, or the entrepreneur to curate and foster these desired traits.


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Here’s a handy guide

To summarize the 4 types of sales, here’s a handy guide for you to have.


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MyOutDesk can save you up to 70% on employment costs
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