The world is not ending, it’s just going through a strange time. If you’re feeling anxious about uncertainties in the 2022 economy, it’s time to consider innovative strategies to diversify your revenue & give your business much-needed stability. Finding creative ways to think outside of the box and out-innovate your competitors is a surefire way to thrive, no matter what the economic situation may be. All it takes is a little innovation and maybe a few of these ideas to get you started.

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Market Research

If you have a knack for gathering data and resources to get them, you may want to offer market research for businesses within your industry. Many business owners and entrepreneurs do not have the time or resources to research independently, so this may be a service you can offer. Through research and feasibility studies, you can examine different aspects of the data you find and help a business with its specific issues. For example, you can explore marketing, technology uses, research and development, and even automation.


If you have experience and knowledge about the metrics of running a business, you should consider providing analytical services to business owners. Sometimes, businesses need a little help figuring out things like budget allocation, risk, reward, etc. Analytics provide these data points, but entrepreneurs often don’t understand how to get them or use them. You could help other small businesses raise their venture capital and grow their business.

Online Classes

If you have a specific topic that you feel you are an expert in or have developed a solid method to help people in your industry, why not build an online course? You can share your wisdom, help people out and earn some coin in the process. Online courses are top-rated and are often taken by those who wish to build their knowledge or look for ways to improve their business.


This may be the best time to bank on referrals from past clients or customers. Build a referral program that will benefit both you and your referrers.  Be it loyalty reward points for discounts or cold hard cash, working out a solid referral program could bring you tons of new business. According to statistics, word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20-50% of purchasing decisions. Business to business companies with referrals have a 70% higher conversion rate, and they report a 69% faster close time on sales. CUSTOMERS WHO ARE REFERRED TO YOUR BRAND ARE UP TO 5X MORE LIKELY TO USE YOUR REFERRAL PROGRAM THAN CUSTOMERS WHO WEREN’T. Keep that in mind when you build your referral program and come up with something sure to keep those referrals pouring in.


If you have had great success in starting, running, and growing a business or business, you should definitely consider becoming a business coach or consultant or even starting a mentorship program. Many start-ups and budding entrepreneurs could benefit from your wisdom and advice.

These are just a few ideas you could use to branch out and expand your business this year. But, if you need a strong team to support you, schedule a Double Your Business Strategy Session today to find out how  MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant can do just that and more!


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