5 Insightful Tips for Effectively Managing Virtual Assistants

By: Louie Z. Sawyer | Updated: April 16, 2021
virtual team meeting on laptop effective managing for virtual assistants and employees

Make the most of your time and investment with virtual assistant services by exploring these insightful tips for managing virtual assistants effectively.

5 Insightful Tips for Effectively Managing Virtual Assistants

You’ve made the leap and invested in virtual assistant services for your business. You know that an effective team starts with a quality manager. The question is, how can you manage your virtual teams to get them on a goal-oriented track?

As you begin the journey, it’s imperative to establish consistent communication. Once you have the right steps in place, your assistants will be equipped with the tools they need to succeed.

Keep reading to learn more about our tips for managing virtual assistants.

1. Establish Communication Methods

When virtual assistants join your team, communication will be the first step to success. Within the first 30 days, focus on providing your assistants with a firm understanding of your business. Schedule consistent meetings with them, where you can discuss the following:

  • Your professional background
  • How your business got started
  • Your business’s products and services
  • The future direction of your business
  • Your company mission
  • Your core company values
  • What company culture looks like
  • Who are your target customers

These questions should help your assistants understand business operations. As you assign initial projects, continue to explain the reasoning behind each task for more clarity.

2. Schedule Routine Meetings

Establish a routine meeting cadence early on so virtual assistants have set times to meet with you. This will provide them with a consistent outlet to ask you questions, provide task updates, and receive feedback.

We recommend meeting weekly through video conferencing tools. During this time, you should also add them to team communications tools, such as Slack.

3. Manage Tasks

Continue managing virtual assistants by assigning them tasks through a project management tool. Select a project management tool that’s simplistic, organized, and easy to track.

With each new task that you post, provide detailed instructions with clear deadlines—record video instructions to provide a complete walkthrough.

Once tasks are completed, tag your assistants in feedback directly on the platform. Include well-rounded feedback by focusing on both the positives and negatives. Anything negative should always be constructive and contain tips for improvement.

4. Set Deadlines and Expectations

After you select your desired price for services, confirm your virtual assistants’ available hours. Assess the duration of each project and set realistic, enforceable deadlines.

Evaluate each assistant’s skillsets for upcoming tasks. For instance, an assistant with prior social media experience should be able to complete a social media project more quickly.

5. Use a Time Tracking Tool

time-tracking tool will work wonders for allocating your resources efficiently. Register for a tool that will allow your virtual team to track their time at the end of each shift. Request that they include the name of the tasks they completed, along with the times they dedicated to each task.

Start Effectively Managing Virtual Assistants

Start managing virtual assistants by practicing consistent communication on day one. Once you’ve established a weekly meeting cadence, assign them projects that align with their skill sets. Allow them to ask questions, provide feedback, and tie each task back to the company mission.

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