America is the leading country when it comes to users of Facebook. (See here).
So how do these statistics relate to the Real Estate industry? First, 92% of people now use the internet in their home search, relate this to Facebook user statistics and do the math. (See here).

When it comes to your marketing, Facebook can be a compelling platform and should not be taken lightly. When used correctly, you or your virtual assistant can leverage your Facebook account to ramp up your marketing strategy. Here are five tips on how to utilize Facebook in your Real Estate Marketing Plan:

    1. Variety, Variety, Variety – We’ve seen many business pages or accounts hosted by Real Estate businesses that make one major mistake. When you go on these pages, you will find one thing only: different properties for sale. While there is nothing wrong with advertising these wonderful properties, it does not encourage people to visit your profile or business page. You want to draw people in and pique their interest. Bring interest by talking about your City, your area, Is there a new restaurant in town? Talk about it, engage your audience! One wonderful example is this Facebook page:, The Corcoran group of New York, post beautiful photographs or properties; however, they also do so much more. They highlight different things about New York, such as wonderful restaurants, different sights, and sounds. Their page is dynamic and colorful. Even people who are not necessarily buying a home tend to visit their page. They have established themselves as experts in the city. Currently, they have 130,429 likes. Post videos, photos, share articles, and add a personal touch as well by sharing things such as your blog or events that you host. Run contests
      and engage your audience by responding to their comments and actively participating in discussions.
    2. Boot Your Posts– When you have certain posts that you feel would benefit many people, utilize the post boosting feature Facebook pages now have. This will help in extending your reach. The best part is that you don’t have to spend too much because you can set a budget for each post you boost. You will also be able to track these boosted posts and really break down and see your investment well spent.
    3. Schedule your posts– Many sources confirm that some of the best times to post are in the morning as people tend to browse or check their Facebook as they get ready for work, then around lunchtime, then once in the afternoon, and once more after dinner and before bedtime. There are several ways to ensure consistency in your posting times; aside from setting reminders for yourself, there are tools such as Hootsuite. You can schedule posts well ahead of time, or the new scheduling tool, a feature that Facebook has recently added to their pages. You can connect your Social Media platforms and ensure that you are getting good material out across the board. Check your page statistics and experiment with various times to determine which posts get the most exposure.
    4. Leverage trends– If you are on Facebook enough and can observe posting trends, you can use these to attract more users to your pages/profiles. Of course, there is nothing wrong with using memes, vines, and any other pop-up trends. However, find a way to relate these to your business or as an intermission to your business posts as another way to add variety.
    5. You Get What You Give– At the end of the day, it all boils down to how much time and effort you are willing to expend for your Facebook and Social Media in general. It takes time to ensure that your Social Media Marketing is functioning at its highest capacity. If you find that you are unable to invest this time personally, why not hire someone who can devote and dedicate that time solely to your social media platforms? All you need to do is have a clear picture of what you want; you can add that personal touch by personally approving each piece of content that you put out. Stop treating Facebook as an “extra.” Allow yourself to spend that time and other resources, and you will be amazed at the returns.

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