8 Reasons Why Successful Entrepreneurs Love Virtual Assistants

By: Dan Trujillo | Updated: October 6, 2021


This delightful little video is about eight of our equally delightful clients, explaining exactly why they love their virtual assistants. You expect to hear about how great a companies service is from a member of the sales team. But what you really want is to hear it straight from real professionals just like yourself. Now we’re not going to spell out every nice thing these folks said here, but we are going to highlight some things they said that makes us especially proud. Because at the end of the day this isn’t just good news for prospective clients, it’s an affirmation for us, that we really are accomplishing the level of service we strive for. And that feels great for everyone.

Key Takeaway

Entrepreneurs can benefit from working with virtual assistants (VAs) for tasks like administrative support, customer service, marketing, and more. VAs can help entrepreneurs save time, increase productivity, and focus on their core business tasks. With the right VA, entrepreneurs can achieve their business goals and enjoy a better work-life balance.

A Feeling Close to Home

“They actually feel like they are local, but the amazing thing is they are not local!”

Doreen Tando, Owner of Austin101 Realty


“The way our VA’s have folded into our culture is amazing. We just love them, they’re so genuine and such a part of our family.”

Jeff Robbins, Managing Director of Referral Only


These quotes from Doreen and Jeff, both current clients of ours, really stood out to us because it speaks to an experience we’ve always aimed for. And that is for our virtual assistants to feel like a true part of your team, your work family, your culture. Just because these folks are overseas, doesn’t mean they won’t connect with you on a personal as well as professional level. Sure you can always hire a VA(virtual assistant) to stay in the background, grinding out whatever tasks you don’t want to think about. But a lot of professionals prefer to know their VA on some kind of personal level because that familiarity equals trust. And trust equals confidence that you might the right choice in hiring them. All of our VA’s speak fluent English, they understand US business practices, and they want to work hard and get the same opportunities and respect as anyone stateside. So it warms our heart when we continuously hear about how our VA’s are so integrated into a companies culture that they don’t feel so far away.


VA working with multiple hands showing fast multitasking

Get More for Less

“Based on the value we were getting from our one VA, compared to if we had hired local, we decided to hire more.”

Shawana Hudson, Owner of Thomas and Gibbs CPAs


Shawana is confirming two different selling points of our VA service; the value of what you get and the money you save getting it. Compared to the cost of hiring an assistant yourself, usually someone local, you’re getting an amazing value considering how much you save at the same time. This is because a virtual assistant through us is still technically our employee, we just assign them to you until you no longer need them(if that time ever even comes). So we’re handling all those employee costs like insurance, benefits, PTO, etc. Our clients just pay a flat monthly rate. On top of that, you’re getting someone with the same(often more) experience and skills as someone down the street. Just because they’re on another continent doesn’t mean they are any less motivated, professional, reliable, and talented. In fact, we make sure they are, through our hiring process. You might just find your VA is so beneficial that you hire a couple more as Shawana did!


They Do That, You Do You

“It was hard to focus our attention where our expertise was. Then our VA’s took over misc tasks and freed us up to focus on our customers.”

Brian Del Terzo, Co-Founder of Credilife


“As my business grew I realized I needed to brand myself and have more of a social media presence. My VA helped me separate myself from the competition in the public eye, while I focused on my own duties.”

Kyle Shimoda, Wealth Advisor at INPAC Wealth Solutions


Thanks to their VA’s, Brian and Kyle both experienced saving something else in addition to money; time. One of the biggest benefits of hiring an assistant like ours is they can take over all of those tasks that stretch you and your team thin. The kind of busywork that stops you from focusing on more dollar productive tasks only you can do. With VA’s handling a variety of misc tasks, Brian and his people were able to stop worrying about those tasks. Freeing them up to focus on their respective skills and talents, the stuff they got in their business to do in the first place. Similarly, Kyle was able to delegate his entire social media/marketing presence to his VA. Thus freeing him up to focus on providing the level of service to his clients he had become known for. Because the more successful you get, the more work there is to do. And you should never lose touch with what made you so successful, to begin with. Let someone else soothe those growing pains while you enjoy the view from up top.


The People Speak

Check out the short video above if you want to see who else spoke and what praise they had to give. And if you want even more confirmation that a MyOutDesk virtual assistant is a key to healthy business growth, check out any of our full testimonials via the link below. And if you’re more the type to participate rather than watch, use the link at the bottom to request a free one-on-one consultation. We’ll be able to schedule a call to talk to you directly and see what you need, and how we might help. These are just a handful of glowing reviews given to us by our satisfied customers. We also have over 800 verified 5-star reviews on Google! You’re one step away from your own success story, akin to those above. Don’t stop now!

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