Part of managing your sales process means finding the best CRM company. You need to choose a CRM that makes sense for your organization and helps you generate more leads and connect with your clients.

One of the many CRMs out there is Keap CRM. This customer relationship management software offers many benefits to businesses.

If you’re interested in learning more about this software, “keap” reading. We’ve created a Keap CRM review that walks you through what this service brings to the table.

What is Keap CRM?

Keap CRM is a CRM software that started in 2001. Originally, it was known as eNovasys. Then, in 2003, the company rebranded again and became known as Infusion Software.

In January of 2019, the company changed its name once again and began calling itself Keap. They offered several additional services, including Keap Grow and Keap Pro.

Today, more than 125,000 customers use Keap to help them manage their sales efforts. And, several small businesses are supported by their donations during the Covid-19 pandemic to supporting business owners.

What Are the Major Keap CRM Benefits?

Keap offers its users several key benefits. For one, it offers campaign builders that allow you to create email chains for reminders, welcome emails, and more that you can send out to both returning customers and new leads.

On top of that, this CRM integrates with external apps. You can sync it with your Google Calendar so that you have reminders of upcoming events, meetings, and deals.

For teams wanting to simplify their billing processes, Keap can invoice and bill customers directly from the software. That keeps billing streamlined with your CRM and eliminates the need for importing invoicing data.

Additionally, Keap gives you valuable email marketing insights. You can check out email opens, downloads, and form completions from your campaigns from within the software.


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What Does Keap CRM Pricing Look Like?

There are several different versions of Keap that you can use for your CRM needs. Each one offers your business different benefits and will cost you a different monthly price.

Keap Grow

For small business email marketing campaigns, Keap Grow is a good option. This package gives you access to several features, including:

  • Client management
  • Appointments
  • Quotes, invoices, and down payments
  • Email syncing
  • Business text messaging and phone lines

To get started with this plan, you’ll need to pay $56 per month.

Keap Pro

The next tier of Keap is Keap Pro. This plan offers everything included in Keap Grow but also includes:

  • Sales pipelines
  • Advanced automation
  • Landing page, internal form, and report building
  • Customizable dashboards
  • A/B testing
  • Ability to set up recurring payments

Users wanting to take advantage of this plan will pay $105 per month.

Keap Max

The final tier of Keap is Keap Max. This package includes everything available in Keap Pro but also offers:

  • Lead scoring
  • Subscription management
  • Business analytics
  • Checkout forms

This plan costs businesses $140 per month.

Get Started With Keap CRM

Keap CRM is a great choice for anyone wanting to effectively manage their sales process. It can be a valuable asset to your business and make sure that you can nurture leads effectively.

Once you’ve implemented your CRM, you’ll need someone to manage it for you. That’s where having a virtual assistant can be a huge asset.

If you’re looking to hire a remote virtual assistant, get in touch with the team at MyOutDesk. We’ll help match you to someone who can work with your Keap CRM systems and help your business succeed.

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