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CRM stands for customer relationship management technology. It’s designed to help you manage everything your company does with potential clients and customers.

With this tech, you can automate functions and increase your sales. Compile and share information with other employees, or outsource tasks to virtual assistants. Less time spent managing your database means more time for your sales team to generate leads.

As for what CRM companies to invest your time in, consider EngageBay.  Their platform promises to market better and sell faster than the other competing brands. Here’s more about how EngageBay ranks up.

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What is EngageBay CRM?

EngageBay offers multiple solutions for your business. These include Marketing Automation, a CRM & Sales Bay, Live Chat support, and a comprehensive package including all three.

Their Marketing Automation product’s features include email sequences, web analytics, and automation of routine, manual tasks. You can also schedule social media posts and manage your engagement levels.

Meanwhile, EngageBay’s CRM & Sales Bay lets companies organize their email contacts and schedule appointments. It can also let your team access customer information while calling directly from the software.

EngageBay Review

EngageBay is one of those CRM companies that offers a little bit of everything. You have options for marketing automation, sales assistance, as well as live chat. Purchase separate services or get a package deal with all included.

It has easy integration with popular CMS options, affordable pricing plans, and free trial signup. There are some templates for email, video, and landing pages.

While all three services work seamlessly together, you can always purchase access to a single module if you only need one. However, the all-in-one package is significantly more affordable than subscribing to more than one.

Currently, the All-in-One service goes for $47.99 per user with unlimited contacts and 50,000 branded emails. Both Marketing and CRM services are $29.99 per user at the same subscription level. The help desk and live chat are free.

Compared With Other CRM Companies

According to Inside CRM, the best CRM companies provide software that is easy to use. In fact, the majority of professionals see ease of use as the most crucial feature. Following it was schedule management and CRM data snapshot capabilities.

Many competitors offer the same types of services as EngageBay, but not at the same price points. It’s difficult to find CRM companies that offer free services for start-ups that don’t need a lot of contacts or branded emails.

At the very least, it’s easy to try them out and drop them without committing to an expensive subscription.

Make Your Business Work Easier

Choosing between the different CRM companies can be quite a challenge. At the very least, EngageBay CRM offers some of the best prices in the market.

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