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Being a real estate professional can be a stressful and overwhelming position.

Sure, you get started in the industry for the love it but some days feel like you’re running a million miles an hour on a treadmill and getting nowhere!

Whether you are an agent or a real estate investor, you have to wear a lot of hats. Keeping track of sellers, keeping track of buyers, getting transactions to the closing table, handling marketing campaigns, etc.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one-stop solution for all of this?

Well, guess what? There is! And it’s called Netsuite CRM.

If you’re struggling to get a handle on your real estate business, read on to find out what NetSuite CRM can do to put your mind at ease!

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What Is Netsuite CRM?

First, we need to discuss what a CRM is, in general.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager. And that’s exactly what it does. It’s a platform to manage your customer relationships.

Most CRM platforms can remember birthdays, store email addresses, mass e-mail dozens of clients at once, track marketing campaigns, and keep client lists organized and easily accessible.

Netsuite CRM can do all this for you and more. It can even handle things like HR and accounting. The best part? It’s all in one easy-to-use, seamless platform.

Some people graduate from having their business on dozens of Excel spreadsheets and start to use third-party apps for the different aspects of their business.

This is great. It’s a step in the right direction. But no one wants to open a hundred different browser tabs and keep track of an endless amount of User IDs and passwords.

That’s where NetSuite CRM’s one-stop user interface comes in handy. Now, you can look at one dashboard, and keep your finger on the pulse of every department of your business.

Is NetSuite CRM Worth It?

Well, that all depends. Is having more peace of mind worth it? Is running your business from your computer without stress worth it?

Don’t think of Netsuite CRM, or any CRM really, as a cost. Think of it as an investment.

If you purchase NetSuite and get it set up the right way, it will allow you to easily put team members, like a real estate virtual assistant, in place.

That may be true, but you don’t have to listen to us. Just visit the customer testimonials on our website. That should tell you enough of the story.

Now, if you’re asking whether or not it can fit into your budget, that’s a different story.

The beauty is that we have a variety of NetSuite CRM packages to fit a wide range of budgets. You can check out NetSuite CRM pricing, and see if we are the right fit for you.

Making The Net Sweet

Netsuite CRM is a one-stop-shop for running the business of your dreams. Think of how much easier life will be with everything you need for your business neatly displayed in one place.

For more on NetSuite, and to review other CRM companies, take a look at the other articles in our blog.

Do you have any experience with NetSuite? We would love to hear your feedback and stories of how it changed your business.


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