Aaron Armstrong says, “What can a virtual assistant do for you? One of the questions that I get from people all the time is, ‘OK, I like this idea of going virtual, it sounds like a neat idea, but what can they do?’. Well, the honest answer is they can do anything that doesn’t physically require them to be in your office. Yes, ANYTHING!”

Aaron is the owner of KW’s Armstrong Real Estate Group and uses virtual assistants for prospecting, office administration, and transaction coordination work – saving his business valuable time & money while enabling his agents to focus on sales & listings – which helps his team grow their revenue.

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Aaron says, “In our business, virtual assistants do lead follow-up & transaction coordination – they keep our follow-up time down and help our executives’ staff focused.” Watch the video to see Aaron call one of his virtual assistants and discuss what she does for him.

  • Office Administration

    Aaron’s Transaction Coordinator is also an Administrative Virtual Assistant. She handles everything from contract to close. NAR says that it takes about 45 hours to complete a single transaction, and 30 hours of that is paperwork. How much more can you get done by delegating these 30 hours’ worth of paperwork?

  • Real Estate ISA Virtual Assistant

    Aaron says that their volume of leads, which is quite conservative compared to others, cannot be handled by his in-house ISA alone, at a high level. So, he has his ISA Virtual Assistants pre-qualify his leads and do the initial reach-out. Speed to lead is critical. It would help if you reached out to your leads within 5 minutes of an inquiry to get higher odds on closing the deal.  Aaron can do this with his Virtual Assistants.

  • Transaction Coordination

    Virtual assistants are used for transaction coordination roles in Aaron’s business, allowing him to rapidly scale to meet growing sales demand without sacrificing his agents’ & executive assistants’ time.

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