whats your business thrive score?

Our clients first scored an average of 6.56/10, and then 10/10 after reading The Entrepreneur’s Thrive Guide.
— MyOutDesk conducted a nationwide survey of entrepreneurs’ Thrive Scores 


Serving business owners and entrepreneurs is our top priority. In this unique time, MyOutDesk paved the way to remote work solutions for its clients. Even in a market downfall, our clients are reporting a higher than average optimism score, or Thrive Score, compared to the general economy. 


In a recent survey to MyOutDesk clients, owners of small & medium-sized businesses (SMBs) report a favorable outlook on their business prospects at a time when most of the United States are under lockdown orders.


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Here’s How Businesses Are Thriving Today

MyOutDesk has the secret sauce for businesses to tackle the market downturn in this health crisis. Don’t just take our word from it–here’s what our clients are saying:


We were up and ready to operate in this new change environment instantly. MyOutDesk completely transformed our office, and we were already set up for remote work.”  — Daniel Del Real, client of three years


“We are doubling down on hiring more and preparing to expand in a way that we’ve never done in the past. This moment provides us with the opportunity like nothing that we’ve ever had before.” — Charles Pulliam, MyOutDesk client


Headquartered in Sacramento, California, MyOutDesk has over 15 years of experience serving over 7500 SMBs, and we know for a fact how businesses benefit from leveraging our business strategies and virtual assistant services. US and Canadian entrepreneurs have had longtime success in leveraging our virtual solutions for business success.



Determine Your Business Thrive Score

During a clients-only video conference, we asked CEOs & entrepreneurs, “What is your Thrive Score on a scale of 1 to 10?”

What is your Thrive Score? On a scale of 1-10…
10 = Highly favorable outlook on business prospects
1 = Unfavorable outlook of losing business


MyOutDesk clients responded with an average Thrive Score of 6.56 at the start of the meeting.


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that you need to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Scores Boosted after Reading ‘The Entrepreneur’s Thrive Guide’

After introducing the Entrepreneur’s Thrive Guide in Today’s Changing Market, MyOutDesk clients took the Business Thrive Score survey again and results reveal overwhelmingly high confidence with an average perfect score of 10! All entrepreneurs are eligible to receive this guide for free.


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Helping Your Business Find Cash Relief to THRIVE

Even as many states are extending stricter lockdown mandates, CEOs & entrepreneurs display high confidence in their thriving businesses with MyOutdesk business guides & strategies.

For business owners who want to stay productive the right way, our FREE Thrive Guide includes these important topics to get started.

  • The CEO Mindset – It’s Your Civic Duty
  • Stack Cash & Find Economic Relief
    – Navigating the CARES Act
    – CARES Act Disaster Loans, Loan Forgiveness, & Paycheck Protection Program
    – Resources: Where & How to Apply
  • Die Slowly, or Reinvent the Value You Provide
    – Sales is like the air we breathe for a business
    – What leaders need to say:  Clients, Employees, Vendors
    – Free offer for #1 Best Selling Book: Scaling Your Business
  • Be Exceptional – all while reducing operational costs
    – Go Remote with MyOutDesk
    – Update Your Roadmap
    – A Million Ways: Everything a Virtual Assistant can do to help you.

The Entrepreneur’s Thrive Guide gives you an exact, step-by-step plan for action to help your business survive in these uncertain times—it comes with a free Thrive Strategy Session with our specialists!


 Yes, YOU can access government cash relief, survive, and come out ahead in this crisis!