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Complimentary growth guides:  It takes more than willpower to grow a successful business – you also need efficient strategies & business solutions to help grow & streamline your processes. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools out there that can help you do just that – without the cost. Free resources for Sales Development Corporate … Read more

Realtor.com vs. Zillow: A Comparison

realtor.com vs zillow

In a world with numerous real estate websites and apps, how do you know which is best for you? You might be wondering if Realtor.com or Zillow is the more valuable tool for agents and brokers.

How to best leverage Dotloop: Real Estate Transaction Management Solution

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Dotloop streamlines real estate transactions with digital solutions, boosting closings by 60% through predictive analytics. While many CRMs drain budgets, Dotloop’s innovation leads the market, further optimized by cost-effective virtual assistants that manage tedious tasks, ensuring agents can prioritize growth. Harness the power of tech and outsource to enhance your real estate hustle, trimming expenses and driving profit.

How to hire a full-time Google ads specialist — for the cost of only a part-time hire

Google ads specialist virtual assistant

Key Takeaway Hiring a full-time Google Ads specialist can be expensive, but outsourcing to a virtual assistant can provide cost-effective solutions — they can handle keyword research, ad creation, campaign optimization, and other tasks. Virtual assistants can save businesses time and cost a fraction compared to an in-house full-time hire, while still delivering high-quality results. … Read more

Example Mortgage Loan Processor Job Description (for best results)

Loan Processor Job Description

In this article, we will cover the ideal job description for a Mortgage Loan Processor. The position may involve processing mortgage loan applications, gathering information about potential borrowers, and managing the loan-processing workflow. From this description, you should be able to determine how much knowledge is needed in order to recruit for the job role successfully.

Things a virtual assistant can do? (Specialized roles for scaling business)

what can a virtual assist do multitasking

Virtual assistants can handle various roles to help businesses scale and grow: assisting with sales, marketing, customer service, and others. Virtual assistants can also provide cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to expand without hiring full-time staff, even for specialized roles including digital marketing assistant, transaction coordinator, and sales development representative.

7 Impressive Reasons to Refer MyOutDesk (incl. $400 per Referral!)

myoutdesk referral program

As a company, MyOutDesk is built to deliver instant talent for your business as you’re growing and scaling — basically removing all the friction from having team members jump into your business. We save our clients over $55 million dollars every year, and we’d love to save your network money too! For every successful referral … Read more

Why the GTD Method works: Get things done with MOD Executive Virtual Assistants

Executive peace of mind with a virtual assistant customer service support

Key Takeaway The Getting Things Done (GTD) method is effective for improving productivity and virtual assistants from MyOutDesk can help with GTD implementation. We provide an overview of GTD principles, including capture, clarify, organize, reflect, and engage, and describe how virtual assistants can support these principles by providing administrative and organizational support. Many people have … Read more

Bookkeeping Assistants — Benefits of an Outsourced (Remote) Administrative Assistant

virtual assistant on a video call doing bookkeeping

Key Takeaway Outsourcing bookkeeping to a remote administrative assistant can save time and money. They can handle tasks like data entry, accounts payable and receivable, and financial reporting. Remote bookkeepers are highly skilled and can help you avoid costly errors, while giving you more time to focus on growing your business. It’s easy to outsource … Read more