Remembering Mother Lily’s Remarkable Contributions

person look at a plaque commemorating the memory of lily flor the first virtual assistant

In business you have to focus on the bottom line – but it’s important to remember what really matters: your clients, employees, and the people around you who contribute to your success. That’s why MyOutDesk makes a point of pursuing charitable work with the MOD Movement, and this year we’re remembering Lily Flor for her contributions to our efforts.

5 Reasons To Hire An Administrative Virtual Assistant

myoutdesk administrative virtual assistant working the phones

No matter matter what industry you’re in, the day to day grind of dull, repetitious busywork is always a drain on your time & energy. Even worse, it prevents you from focusing on your “one thing” – that unique talent you use to generate revenue in your business. That’s where an administrative virtual assistant comes in!

Virtual Assistants & Blended Real Estate Teams

collage of state bills of currency

The future is blended: and it’s a beautiful thing. Don’t believe me? Flip your iPhone over & look at the back: “Designed by Apple in California”. Built in China…..and that’s not a bad thing. Most of the consumer products you buy these days are built by blended teams, where different parts of the team reside in different countries to take advantage of labor cost & trade specialization. Less specialized roles are moved to locations with a lower cost of living & different wage scale to take advantage of the global trade economy – and end result is actually better consumer products for you at lower prices.