Baby Boomers + Pandemic:

Big online retailers are making a huge pivot (Nike, Walmart, more)

Luxury retail brands, like Nike, made a pivot in their e-commerce strategies in 2020, and these strategies proved themselves to work.

Case Study:

Big retailers – such as Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart – are vying to solve their e-commerce challenges over these last few years.

Nike moved away from sales through Amazon and has been investing in its own digital platform. With using Amazon, many big retailers were concerned about giving away part of their profit margin to Amazon.

Many have built their own internal capacity, and for the first time this year companies, such as Nike, have beat profit estimates for their e-commerce operations – mostly because they’re doing their own e-commerce, direct to consumer.

Here’s what they focused on:

  1. Increasing  profit margins (self-hosted e-commerce platforms)
  2. Improving on search engine optimization (SEO)
  3. Dedication to customer service (focusing on the baby boomer generation)

Qualities of effective online sales & e-commerce

The thing is – most e-commerce business already effectively sell their products online. Good products, good descriptions, and good layout.

However, what many don’t well is SMOOTH RETURNS, CUSTOMER SERVICE, PHONE SALES, and the general ops side of e-commerce.

Without focusing on customer service and processes, this operational demand can eat into your margins.

If you build a reputation on bad service, your reviews will hurt your business for a long time.

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The Customer Service Era (+ Baby Boomers & Pandemic)

As an e-commerce business, you’re competing on catering to demands at a lowest price. Naturally, this businesses’ profit margins can be razor thin.

That’s what outsourcing & virtual assistants can solve.

  • Help build out customer service team to augment your online sales process
  • Low overhead costs for virtual assistants mean higher dollar ticket for your business
  • The pain point, to solve for your customer and e-commerce companies

When certain digitized components & operations are harder to automate, Virtual Assistants are the cost-efficient way to manage hiccups in the process & to fix it when it breaks.

New wealth of Baby Boomers

The largest percentage of the population that has wealth that is just now coming online – baby boomers. The pandemic made a huge pivot in the behavior of this generation where they are finally doing the majority of their shopping online.

With this in mind, do you know baby boomers don’t know what to do? Make returns.

They want to talk to somebody, and implementing good customer service will increase your profits. Generate recommendations and good reviews by a good relationship with this generation.

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