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You asked for it. We heard you.

In Part 1, we explained how the most competitive entrepreneurs of small businesses can easily produce high-quality podcasts & content. Their social media presence is managed at a full-time capacity.

As requested, we’re continuing our tips to help you outshine competitors. (Also stay tuned…next week we’re dropping a BIG podcast strategy resource.)

Here are our top 23 tips for launching a quality podcast.

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𝗘𝗮𝘀𝘆 𝗟𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴 for Strategic Business Success & understand the CARES Act: 



1) Quality matters

There are too many shows out there today for mediocre work to stand out. Maintain high quality with a dedicated production process, combined with the rest of the following tips!


2) Give your podcast a format

Like watching any morning live show or night show (like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon), there are patterns and regular “segments.” People need this stuff, they need the structure.


3) Energy REALLY matters

Experiment by not talking like you would normally talk … rather you have to be a caricature of yourself. Build a marketable voice and persona, otherwise, you’ll sound like NPR announcing Mozart’s 3rd Symphony (not that there’s anything wrong with that). A profitable podcast needs a profitable voice)


Check out the MyOutDesk’s ‘Scale The Podcast’


4) Commit to doing a regular show

minimum of 1x per week. Never miss a release ever. People need rhythm in their life


5) Plan on doing this for a year with no listeners

To set expectations, it takes quality – AND- quantity to gain traction and credibility. Low viewership is common, but it starts to build slowly but surely as you build more episodes. When your content is piquing interest and utilizes optimal tags and search terms, you will start gaining more traction


6) Don’t “wander” around the interview, looking for buried gold in the guests’ story

Instead, discover the gold ahead of time in a pre-interview, then “uncover it” during the convo. It’s common to do pre-interviews and also to ask for “tickler” questions so that both parties are amply prepared during the recording session.


7) Get an amazing cover art

Don’t do it yourself. Graphic design and marketing professionals are 70% the cost of a traditional employee and ready for interviewing from MyOutdesk Virtual Assistants.


8) It’s not about you, it’s about the audience!

Always remember — the audience doesn’t care about you. All they care about is themselves. Always angle the content around what matters to them, or else you won’t have any listeners. Everything about them!



9) Be part of the traveling troupe

Plan and arrange to appear regularly on lots of other shows to get people to listen to yours.


10) Don’t be boring

Provide not only substance but entertainment. People aren’t looking to be spoken at, but rather engaged to find a deeper understanding of a certain interest. You need to hold their hand in a fun way to learn and ultimately a sale.


11) see number 10

It’s that important.


12) Don’t do long intro music

No one likes it. Short and upbeat. This is not a TV show, but a digestible podcast. If you lose their interest, they will press skip.


13) Ask for ratings and reviews, quickly, every single episode

In your segment transition or outro, when you know that the listener’s appetite is full and content. Ask quickly for their rating. Explain that reviews help keep high-quality content running.


14) Look for authors who are about to release books

When authors have something to promote, that’s the best time to gain big guests. The same goes for any professional prompting a big project (actors, politicians, etc.).


15) Launch big.

A big launch can carry you far. Have a few episodes published for the launch. You can also create a “pilot” clip that is a short intro episode that teases the first few shows.


16) Don’t talk too much if you’re interviewing

People want to know the guest’s story, not your opinion. As a podcaster, we see this mistake a lot (and probably make this mistake too much).


17) Never read a script

Don’t read anything. It’ll never sound natural. Talking points are fine, not sentences to recite.


18) Use Zoom to record interviews

Zoom is a great platform to record both audio and visual content. You’ll be able to purpose one interview into a live webinar, podcast, any noteworthy screenshot, video clips, and audio clips.



19) Record video and put it out on YouTube

There’s no reason not to. You’re recording anyway, so it’s no extra work.


20) Consider recording videos with your phone instead of your webcam

For those on a budget, a smartphone camera may have a better quality video than your laptop’s webcam. So use your phone’s camera for the editing, while using your laptop camera for broadcasting to your interviewee. Then, mix the video with the recorded audio on Zoom. The results reveal a big difference, but it is a lot of work, so this is totally optional.


Even better, use a DSLR camera (but now you’re talking about a pretty advanced operation).


21) Don’t use Zoom’s green screen backgrounds

The rendered picture makes it too cheesy. Instead, buy a cool paper canvas background on Amazon for $50. It’s simpler, and looks way better!


22) Good lighting

Lighting matters if you are expecting to publish your video. Get a good-size ring light (easily found on Amazon) or some other good lighting.


23) Edit out the boring stuff

People will turn off the episode and will never listen to another one again. Take this as a fair warning: edit out the clutter and the crud.


24) Turn quotes into image cards for FB & IG

During the editing process, allow the production team to note any highlights and pull those quotes into nice, marketable visuals.


25) Have fun!

Last but not least. :) High quality comes with a great mood.

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