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Broadly speaking, podcasts can be used for any kind of media files that you would like to share and distribute over the internet. Podcasts are usually audio files, and often videos. They can also be made of any digital media, including images and text.

Podcasts are generally organized into a series of episodes that may be released at a determined interval. Popular podcasts often have frequent releases and new listeners can easily catch up with older ones.

Many podcast programs are intended to be seen as analogous to radio broadcasts and were produced much like traditional radio shows.

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History of Podcasting

Fun Fact: The word ‘podcast’ is a combination of “pod” from iPod and broadcast. The concept of podcasting was invented in the 1990s as an analog to broadcasting, with the intention of using computers to send pre-recorded shows via the Internet. They started trending in the early 2000s, but they weren’t widely used until iTunes came out with its podcasting feature in 2005.

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How does producing a podcast help my business?

A podcast is a digital recording, which can be listened to at any time and shared with others. It is not constrained by the same timing as radio or television shows. In fact, it could be delivered on an infinite schedule, depending on how much time people want to spend listening. 

Producing a business-to-business B2B podcast helps to establish your brand as a leading source of expert knowledge within your market, driving up your repertoire, brand awareness, credibility, and potentially your market share. It can be listened to in a variety of ways. You could download it and listen to it on your computer. You could subscribe to the podcast so that you automatically get new episodes delivered whenever they are released.

Podcasting is also very popular on portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. Many people have a podcast app installed on their phone or tablet so that they can listen to podcasts whenever they are away from home.

For most busy people out there, being able to listen when you want to is hugely important. Radio and TV shows are constrained by a schedule, so you can’t usually watch or listen whenever it’s convenient for you. You can also consume a podcast on demand. For example, if you want to listen to the latest episode while driving in your car, you don’t have to wait for it to be aired at a particular time. You can also share podcasts with others. You could listen to the same podcast together so that you have a common interest or topic.

Imagine all the ways your media can reach those who are seeking your content. Produce media for like-minded folks like you. The more interesting your topics, the more you attract traffic to your business.

Podcasting is very top of the funnel. It’s brand awareness. Launch & scale your business today with a MyOutDesk Marketing Virtual Assistant.

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What Equipment & Software is Needed for Podcasting?

Here’s the professional equipment you need without breaking the bank:
  • Broadcast quality microphone & cables
  • Microphone stand & mount
  • Headphones
  • Audio interface / Preamp (To connect/control all the AV equipment in one place)

You can get yourself set up with this bundle:

Basic Production Software
  • Audacity (free) or Adobe Creative Suite (subscription)
Graphic Design (for podcast cover & episode thumbnails)
  • Canva (free) or Adobe Creative Suite (subscription)
Podcast Hosting
  • Soundcloud, Podbean, Buzzsprout, Simplecast, Resonate

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How to save time & money when producing a podcast for your business



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