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Job & Workforce Trends in 2020

In today’s high-tech economy, a remote workforce helps to maximize profits, grow clientele, improve business capacity, and often outperform competing companies that have fewer remote workers.

  • 50% of the US jobs and the workforce have gone remote in 2020.
  • 73% of teams will have remote staff in the 10 years.
  • Globalization and virtual workplaces will play an increasing role, causing more fluid shifts and flows of talent.



The Future is a Remote Workforce

This is what we learned from over a decade of experience with a virtual assistant.  With a remote workforce and the right systems in place, it’s now affordable for business owners to scale operations and talent.

  • Increase your touchpoints to the most influential clients.
  • Double down on branding and marketing differentiate yourself.
  • Focus on adding value to your clients, suppliers, and vendors.
  • Double down on your prospecting and outreach programs.
  • Optimize the work of key talent and stay more connected to your people.

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Successful Businesses with Low Overhead & High Talent

  • Keep calm and thrive on. Now is the time to double down on the projects and ideas that will drive future growth and scale.

Did You Know? MyOutDesk’s origin story is set during the last global financial crisis of 2008. Yes, that’s right — our business started by scaling businesses with virtual assistants during a recession! Our first client in 2008 went from five to seventeen VPs with a completely revamped organizational model in short order, and he told MyOutDesk, “Our virtual professionals have shaved $250,000 off our monthly overhead.” 

  • Your Next 90 Days of Planning. One of the keys to thriving during a recession is to focus your time on finding out opportunities to thrive and survive during this uncertain time. Spend the next 90 days of quiet time for deeper planning and preparing.

There are a MILLION ways to leverage a Virtual Assistant


Best Job Types to Increase Your Talent & Capacity


Here are the job types that MyOutDesk virtual assistant services can provide you with the flexibility, scalability, and cost-savings to adapt quickly to today’s changing business & market conditions.

  1. Example Roles
  2. Best Job Types


In a recent survey, we asked our virtual professionals how they’ve grown with businesses. These are only SOME of the roles that our virtual assistants currently hold for their growing companies.

NOTE: Personnel through MyOutDesk are up to 70% less than the costs of adding a traditional employee!

  1. Example Roles:

  • SDR – Sales Development Representative
  • Transaction Coordinator
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Client Care Manager
  • Utility Clerk
  • Researcher/Admin Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Solutions Assistant
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Listing Assistant
  • Client Care Coordinator
  • Acquisitions Specialist
  • Support Coordinator
  • Operations Coordinator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Loan Coordinator
  • Concierge
  • Executive Assistant
  • Client Concierge
  • Executive Assistant
  • Relationship Liaison
  • Internal Sales Assistant
  • Acquisition Assistant
  • Data Administrator
  • Listing Manager
  • Account Reconciliation Assistant
  • Realtor Partner
  • Client Care Assistant
  • Lead Manager
  • Business Admin Assistant
  • Real Estate Marketing Assistant
  • Transaction Coordinator
  • Compliance Assistant
  • Product Support Coordinator
  • Leasing Specialist
  • Client Services Coordinator
  • Admin Guy/Office Assistant
  • “Friend”

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Best Job Types

Here are lists of the four main job types that a virtual assistant can do to best uplift your business.

  1. General Administration
  2. Marketing

General Administration
Having virtual professionals tackle operations and administrative outcomes for you can go far beyond what a traditional assistant does, like answering phones and keeping your calendar. There are many more ways a virtual professional can help you administratively. Here are some concrete examples of my favorite things administrative virtual professionals do for our clients.

  • Virtual receptionist
  • Client care & relationship building
  • Screen calls & emails
    Loan processing
  • Administrative support
  • Accounting & bookkeeping
  • Lead management
  • Lead reporting
  • Recruitment
  • Agile project management
  • Performance reporting
  • Customer support

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There are many things a virtual marketing virtual assistant can do for you to supercharge your company’s scalability. Focus your talented marketing professionals on the above sales tools and also on ideal client targets. If you know who buys from you and why your marketing virtual professional can really help drive your message out to the marketplace. 

  • Online marketing, listings & social media
  • Virtual showings & open houses
  • Webinars & speaking events
  • Marketing automation
  • Brand work
  • Design coordination
  • Collateral development
  • Repurposing content
  • Audio, video & multimedia
  • PR & paid advertising

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Sales Development & Inside Sales
A sales development representative can take over your prospecting and expand your lead generation efforts. Our inside sales virtual assistants will help you generate more leads, qualify them and allow you to focus on selling and generating commissions. In addition to warm & cold calling, our virtual assistants can assist you with lead screening & pre-qualification, lead nurturing, prospect & client follow-up calls & more!

  • Telemarketing & inside sales
  • Smart plans
  • Appointments
  • Warm & cold calling
  • Prospect & client follow-up
  • Lead nurturing
  • Recruiting assistant
  • MLS

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Service & Support
MyOutDesk virtual assistants provide the leverage you need to meet your customer service & support demand at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time staff. Customer service outsourcing lets you work smarter, not harder, and helps you invest your time in dollar-productive activities that matter.

  • Manage trouble tickets
  • Manage escalation calls
  • Run reports
  • Manage calendars
  • Update CRM
  • Customer training & education
  • Issue resolution

… and the list goes on! With a business strategy in place that leverages virtual talent, there are a million ways that virtual professionals at MyOutDesk will transform your business.

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Niche Specialities to Grow your Business

Transaction Coordinator
A Transaction Coordinator Virtual Assistant manages all the paperwork and deadlines involved in a contract transaction. They’re trained in every step of the selling process and tasked with monitoring progress from the time the seller accepts an offer through the steps involved in the close of escrow.

Become more effective by using a virtual professional transaction coordinator to handle the repetitive tasks involved with closing a transaction – such as gathering documentation & signatures, calling clients, completing paperwork, following up on contract terms & requirements, and ultimately creating a broker file for the completed transaction.

  • Manage signatures & documentation
  • Manage paperwork processing & deadlines
  • Coordinate inspections
  • Respond to contract terms
  • Compliance coordination
  • Communications liaison

Loan Processor
MyOutDesk loan processor virtual assistants can to manage all the paperwork and deadlines involved in your mortgage & lending transactions – including every step of the process, from contract to close, and everything in between!

  • Gather documentation
  • Cloud e-agreements management
  • Lender follow-ups
  • Documentation review
  • Internal reporting
  • Manage mortgage or lending pipeline
  • Communications liaison

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Envisioning of a New Reality for Your Business

Simply put, MyOutDesk equips entrepreneurs with tools, strategies, and virtual employees – and when combined, businesses have a competitive edge and find growth while efficient systems and processes are put in place.

See what we are about, and schedule a free consultation with us. We’ll take the time to learn more about your business and offer solutions to find top talent and lower your operational costs.

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Keep Calm & Thrive On

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