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There’s a huge sea of self-proclaimed business gurus on the internet.

How do you pick apart a false business ‘prophet’ from a trusted business leader? The real question is who is true to their words? Or am I being lured by good marketing with zero backings?

As the very saying goes, ‘false prophets’ know how to impress people with outward shows of success (in the business world). The problem with false prophets is that they usually tell partial truths.

Whenever you search for a service, a Facebook ad appears shortly afterward. They’re the flashy, in-your-face, “be like me” folks: the Social Media Guru, the Marketing Guru, the Entrepreneur Guru, the Real Estate Guru, and etc. The labels are endless.

These ‘fake gurus’ are also the very same individuals who follow the phrase, “fake it till you make it,” much too radically.

They all promise the same lie Take my hook & bait. Buy into my product … for the promise that you’ll make a million bucks.” It’s too good to be true. So this is how to decide the real value in these deals …


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How to confirm the stats behind the name
Determine the REAL value of businesses of interest

Some of these so-called prophets are claiming that they’ll spoon-feed you their success strategy. It’s just too easy. You need to confirm the legitimacy of their business.


Step 1: Use https://web.archive.org/ to search for the origins of the main business website, and look back at their historical marketing content.

Step 2: Find out the actual start date of business & website on: https://lookup.icann.org/lookup

Step 3: Check for employees on LinkedIn. Any real company will have employees listed.


Other Useful Tips

✓ Check for VERIFIED Google reviews & Facebook reviews
Beware of paid review sites. Many websites are paid to look like reviews, but in reality, they have sponsored media.

✓ Look for the creation dates of their Social Media pages.
If they have relatively new pages, then you might need to triple-check their legitimacy. Although, sometimes companies do in fact start new pages for new campaigns.

✓ Ask your professional network for any bad experiences with the company of interest

✓ Check with the Better Business Bureau



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