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Biotech Hiring Managers – Stop Hiring Until You Read This!

Boost your biotech business with MyOutDesk's seasoned virtual assistants and enjoy savings of 70%. Join industry leaders like Steve Manobianco, who scaled his company by 50%+ with our top-tier talent.


Key Takeaway

When hiring, biotech managers should focus on soft skills, cultural fit, and a thorough screening process to find the right candidates. Partnering with a virtual assistant service can provide huge relief and streamline the hiring process.’

The biotech industry is constantly evolving due to the rapid changes in science. Fortunately, increased interest during the pandemic has driven capital into the sector and fueled record-high financing and IPOs. According to top investors and CNBC, the S&P 500 has also jumped by about 47% over the past few years. Now that the market is strong, the challenge is staffing for your projects in the most impactful way. Good thing hiring options for virtual assistants from MyOutDesk is also at an all-time high.

Steve Manobianco from PSG Life Sciences shared that with his virtual assistant’s help, his company has grown 50% + this year and continues to do so. With post-pandemic hiring difficulty fueled by increased demand for talent acquisition, the only regret Steve said he had was that he didn’t hire his virtual assistant sooner.

We Went Through a Handful of US-Based People

With a more robust economic recovery in 2022, employees have multiple job choices, which leads to a rise in turnover. Employers need to be more creative than ever in the hiring process to scale their businesses. MyOutDesk is one of the longest-running virtual assistant companies, with over 15 years of experience. They take the legwork out of the hiring process and provide you with a top tiered choice of candidates eager to work. 

“We went through a handful of US-based people, and it was very challenging to attract, retain and keep them executing. That’s when we made the decision to hire Jill from MyOutDesk. She hit it out of the park and has been with us ever since”, said Steve.  

How a Biotech Consultant Uses a Virtual Assistant:

The world is opening up little by little each day, and the good news is in-person conferences are also returning to the biotech industry. A virtual assistant can excel in this area, allowing you to do what you love and enjoy in your job. Let us share other ways with you how we can help as it relates to biotech and so many different industries:

  • Act as a conference point person
  • Coordinate research
  • List the attendees
  • List the speakers
  • Retrieve emails
  • Manage calls and email traffic
  • Coordinate and calendar meetings
  • Coordinate travel arrangements
  • Prepare commercially oriented files 

Pleasantly Surprised by How Great a Virtual Assistant Works

Let MyOutDesk take the headache out of hiring the best fit for your position. Nothing has changed more in the past two years than how we operate through our workday. Handling our day-to-day operations virtually from home has proven to be successful, if not more successful for some, than working inside the office. 

When MyOutDesk asks “What has surprised you in this process of bringing on a virtual assistant”? The response is always remarkably the same, “I was surprised how great it works”! Now that so many of us have experienced working remotely, this is an excellent time for you to allow MyOutDesk to serve you. 

A MyOutDesk virtual assistant can expand your workforce in the most positive way, costing you 70% less than if you hired an in-office employee. A virtual assistant can take control of administrative tasks, be a positive force on your team, and allow your company to grow beyond your expectations. If you really want to check us out follow the link below! You can request a consultation with one of our experts, and discuss all of your questions and concerns. 

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