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Do not miss this enthralling conversation with Kendyl Young— because folks, she’s a real firecracker!
Kendyl is a second-generation Realtor in Glendale, an unapologetic tech geek, and a passionate student of the real estate industry. She wants to know how they can make real estate better for everyone involved. Kendyl is responsible for training and individually mentoring each of the DIGGS agents and setting the vision for the company. She is intense, funny, sometimes irritating, and always interested in moving every person in the company further into their potential.

Kendyl has a deep-rooted relationship with Real Estate. Her mother was not just a REALTOR. She was an extraordinary one. In fact, you could say that she was one of the elite “who’s-who” in the Southern California area. Given the real estate climate in the early 70’s Kendyl’s mother got to experience the ins and outs of the industry and all its quirks and oddities. When Kendyl graduated from UCLA, she was ready to take on corporate America by storm. However, she quickly realized that it was simply not for her as she was, in her own words, “essentially unemployable.” She realized that she was pre-destined to be part of the “family business” and found that she could totally kick-butt and dominate in this industry, given her family background.

In case you wonder if Kendyl has the chops:

-She’s sold nearly 2000 homes

-She is named on several Most Influential Lists, including Inman News, T3 Consulting, and Fit Small Business.

-She is a popular speaker, trainer, and writer for California Association of Realtors, Certified Real Estate (CRS), Graduate Real Estate Institute (GRI), Inman News, and the infamous real estate coach, Steve Shull, among others.

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DIGGS is a play on that 1950’s slang term for home. They liked how the term feels-DIGGS is less about status and prestige and more about people and life. DIGGS specializes in residential real estate. They are located in La Crescenta/Montrose and are experts in Glendale, the Foothill communities, and the north end of Los Angeles, including Downtown Los Angeles. DIGGS is a handcrafted boutique agency. Each agent and staff member is carefully selected and trained to deliver the DIGGS vision- home buyers and home sellers deserve better. Their goals are to provide better expertise, better results, better experience, and… be better.