rock thomas & myoutdesk build a virtual mastermind group

Business leaders & entrepreneurs love the concept of engaging a mastermind group, but many don’t know how to begin.

We are inviting you to a STRATEGY-focused webinar, happening on Tuesday, August 11, at 10 AM Pacific Time.

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Build your foundation & accelerate your success.

Mastermind sessions should be like a greenhouse for mutual accelerated success. Facilitating a mastermind group yourself will grow your own brand + reputation and will bring enormous value to yourself & to like-minded people.


[Virtual Success Webinar Series] This webinar will show you how to:

  • Build your own mastermind group. What you need to know to build a local mastermind group & create useful materials. Create an identity & a culture.
  • Engage your networks & build knowledge. Engage your local networks & bright minds + foster knowledge creation for your group.
  • Use VIRTUAL best practices. Best tools & tips to build a mastermind community virtually.


Presented by Rock Thomas & MyOutDesk

Tuesday, August 11
10 AM Pacific Time

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INCLUDED IN WEBINAR:  Download the “10 Top Points on How to Create Your Own Mastermind”


About Rock Thomas:  As seen on Goalcast, Rock Thomas has impacted over 100 million lives. He is the host of the top-rated #IAmMovement Podcast, a bestselling author, and motivational speaker with over 30 years of experience in personal development and coaching. From humble beginnings on a small Canadian farm near Montréal, Rock Thomas became a self-made millionaire and devoted himself to helping others learn the power of their identity.



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