Business Accountability For Your Virtual Assistant

By: Abby | Updated: December 26, 2014

Accountability is described in the dictionary as the quality or state of being accountable, especially: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or accountability for one’s actions. In this video, Jesse Garcia of Pipeline Wizard discusses business accountability with MyOutDesk’s Daniel Ramsey.

Accountability is probably one of the most important factors in running a successful business. It is not enough to have a good system or an amazing team in place. If accountability falters, then you face the possibility of missing opportunities. Whether you run your business alone or have a team behind you, you need to be sure that you’re able to track all aspects of your business.

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First of all, determine your goals, start with big picture goals, and then narrow them down into yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily goals. Your daily goals will help you and your team members stay on track, and setting your big picture goals will remind you why meeting your daily targets is important. Not only will you be able to keep yourself in check, but all of the people who are part of your business will also be able to pinpoint what they need to do; you will also be able to monitor their progress and determine if anything needs immediate attention or tweaking.


Pay attention to your data. Setting up a tracking method allows you to gather data and make decisions based on what you collect. This can be crucial in your business as this is where you will gauge if your goals are set properly. For example, if you have a Real Estate Virtual assistant who does your cold calls and prospecting and you need them to set 1 appointment a day, and they do not seem to be able to do so, having a functional and effective tracking system set-up will allow you to see where the problem may lie. For example, do you have enough leads? Are your leads current? Do you have the tools necessary to be able to reach enough people? With an accountability system in place, it will be easier for you to zoom in on different aspects of your business and adjust or prioritize.


You don’t have to work on this alone; if you have a team, whether they are all in-house, virtual assistants, or a mix of both, you can get their buy-in on a system that works for everyone. If each person steps up and commits to being accountable for their piece in the puzzle, you will have a cohesive system in place that will benefit you all. You can even go as far as hiring someone to solely focus on making sure that your tracking and accountability system works.


Having an organized, working system opens up multiple opportunities for you and your business to truly perform at the highest levels. So figure out what works for you and your business and run with it. Without a doubt, if you talk to the top performers in our industry, they will tell you that one of the keys to their success is being organized and setting up systems that help them stay on point.


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