Caitlyn Rathgeb: How To Build A Stellar Customer Care Team!

By: Tim | Updated: February 12, 2020

There’s nothing more important to a growing business than your customer experience – absolutely nothing. In today’s service economy, it’s the defining factor for most businesses, but even if it’s not your unique business differentiator, not creating a good experience will lead to negative feedback, bad reviews, and increased churn.

Anyone can start a business, but you need to keep your customers happy if you want to stay in business. Join us for this exclusive interview with Caitlyn Rathgeb, the Director of Client Care for Hergenrother Realty, and learn her secrets to building a top-notch customer service department for the nation’s #4 Real Estate Team.

Caitlyn joined Hergenrother Realty Group as Listing Manager and now oversees the Client Care Division and leads both the local Operations Coordinators and Virtual Professionals. She consistently is focused on training and coaching Operations Coordinators, who are focused on listing management, transaction coordination, and client care, and finding optimizations for scalability and efficiency.

Caitlyn graduated from the University of Vermont in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science. Upon graduating, she gained experience in sales and event planning, which helped her develop the essential skills needed to lead, manage, and be a proactive team player. Caitlyn prides herself on exceptional customer service, dedication to her team and clients, and an energetic and positive attitude.

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