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Can a Virtual Assistant Work in My MLS?

Virtual assistants can work in MLS, providing you with administrative support, data entry, and research. They can also help you to automate repetitive tasks and streamline your workflow, allowing you to focus on more important matters.

Dan Trujillo
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Can a Virtual Assistant Work in My MLS

Although it’s easier to connect to prospective buyers nowadays, the demands and workload of a real estate agent are getting heavier. With so many things to do, what happens to your other mundane tasks, like updating the MLS?

Try getting virtual assistant services. With a good VA, you can delegate your other tasks so you can focus on attending to clients. Keep on reading to see how they can help with MLS and other tasks.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help

MLS associates maintain a high accuracy rate of listings, which is possible because of their strict rules and regulations. Each listing must provide accurate information about the square footage and directions, for example.

Apart from that, the listing broker must put the listing up on MLS within 24 hours or so of marketing the property to the public. Any changes to the listing must also reflect on the database within 24 hours or so.

Failure to comply on your part can subject you to fines. That’s why you need to stay on top of your listings, which can be hard to do for a busy real estate broker.

Having a virtual assistant, though, can help you eliminate some of these worries. They can take charge of uploading the listings to MLS, which is a time-consuming, manual process.

Of course, you’ll have to provide information about the properties. You’ll need to supply them with high-quality photos and details about the property, like the size, type, description, and more.

After uploading, they can also review all the listings you have to check the accuracy. They can update the listing for you, thus preventing you from accumulating fines.

That’s not all that a virtual assistant can do, though. Below are some of the tasks you can outsource to them.

1. Spreadsheet Creation

Real estate agents can’t escape from spreadsheets, but you can take some refuge from it with the help of a virtual assistant. Letting them take care of this allows you to focus on more pressing issues.

2. Calendar Management

A VA is not that different from a regular assistant. They can also keep track of your meetings, appointments, and even personal affairs and put them on your calendar. That way, you will never miss an appointment as you go from meeting to meeting.

3. Basic Bookkeeping

While an accountant can do this job, you can also give this task to a virtual assistant. Finances are something that most business owners don’t delegate easily. What’s great is that it’s one of the virtual assistant services that are in high demand right now.

4. Cold Calling

Cold calling is still a valid, albeit annoying, marketing strategy. Let your VA do the cold calling to get more leads while you take care of other tasks.

Hire a Good Virtual Assistant

Having a virtual assistant work in your MLS is a great way to boost your productivity along the line. That said, you should make sure that the one you hire has the necessary skills to help your brand expand.

Start by reaching out to reputable virtual assistant companies. Contact us today and we’ll find you the perfect virtual assistant for your business.

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