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Jordan Levy and his company, CapSource, have been making high waves with their programs and are changing the face of higher education. They spent the last two and a half years pounding the pavement developing relationships with schools, and identifying programs that they were trying to connect with companies. Still, ultimately they needed help with that process. So Jordan and his team discovered MyOutDesk and hired Melody, their current operations manager.

Education is an impact field. It’s not the field you would go into if you’re trying to make massive amounts of money, but the great thing about CapSource’s model is that they actually start with the school, not the companies. And that’s a primary reason why they are different from a traditional talent marketplace. They are really focused on the educational goals of these engagements where anything like recruiting, employer branding, and even the outcomes that the students generate are gravy. All of their engagements are built based on obvious narrow requirements set by the schools.

After realizing how much they needed a Virtual Assistant, they hired Melody, and she is achieving excellent results for them. They started Melody off on the sales side of the organization with institutions, doing a lot of the SDR and Sales work. Today, she manages their entire CRM. As a result, they have generated two to three times the amount of traction that they wouldn’t typically have otherwise just because of having Melody on the team to rely on. Jordan says that their ROI on hiring Melody is about at least three to ten times.

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Serial EdTech entrepreneur and CapSource founder, Jordan Levy, has been committed to expanding experiential learning within the higher education ecosystem since he graduated from Lehigh in 2014. CapSource with birthed to provide administration and faculty with more flexibility and customizability when it came to integrating companies directly into the curriculum through hands-on collaborations.

Jordan is a serial education technology entrepreneur. He has started two EdTech companies that help higher-ed programs bridge the skills gap for their students through experiential learning. His method is to integrate real companies into the education process through hands-on collaborations that expose learners to new circumstances with real stakeholders, challenges, and outcomes.

His company CapSource is a fast-growing marketplace where educators and students can find companies interested in collaborating through specially designed project-based learning engagements. So far, CapSource has leveraged 100+ different host company partners to provide in-depth learning experiences to 1,500+ students at 25 different schools and universities around the globe, including Fordham University, UT Dallas, the University of Illinois, Pace University, and Notre Dame.