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Find out how the CARES Act can help your business and how you can get your hands on part of the $2 trillion stimuli. Due to popular demand, MyOutDesk will host another live webinar TODAY—helping you further understand the implications of the CARES Act and how you can take advantage of it.


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MyOutDesk wants to support your business as you go through this change in today’s market. We serve you by adding value through resources, helping you support your customers, and providing remote solutions that allow your business to thrive and survive!


Virtual Assistant costs can be covered by EIDL! The cost of full-time MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants for your business can be included as a covered expense and does not need to be repaid as part of the $10,000 advance


Webinar Pt. 2 with Tim Mahoney, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

[DOWNLOAD] Notes: Webinar Pt. 2



We at MyOutDesk pray that your team, families, and communities remain safe and healthy during this time of heightened concern.


Note that we at MyOutDesk are not providing tax, legal, or financial advice. We strive to support the success of all SMBs and want to pass along useful and practical information that can help your business draw out effective solutions. Please consult a qualified tax advisor, attorney, and investment professional for guidance.


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