Scaling by Organizational Excellence: Levels of Leadership Competence

By: Jeremy | Updated: June 22, 2020
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According to the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), only 13% of company executives have confidence in the rising leaders at their firms.

Many businesses do not have a developed method to identify their prospective talent. To address the issue, offices need to reflect on their strategic leadership competencies. As low engagement and high turnover are extremely costly for businesses, this is how companies can prevent this inefficient waste of talent.

It takes more than just the required skills to determine the right fit. Talent must also fill the important competencies for leadership. There are 8 key predictors of top leadership competence. The most crucial characteristics of talent positions for businesses are: 

  • Results-Oriented
  • Strategy Oriented
  • Collaboration & Influence
  • Team Leadership
  • Organizational Development
  • Change Leadership
  • Understanding of the Market
  • Inclusiveness

In addition, many leading businesses find that an eighth — inclusiveness — is essential to their performance.


Download the Levels of Leadership Competence Scorecard

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How to Use the Scorecard

Advanced = 5 Points
Intermediate = 3 Points
Needs work = 1 Point


You cannot succeed unless you measure success. With the leadership competency scoreboard, you can understand how to strengthen your leadership team.

  1. First, start with the key leader — you (the CEO).
    Rate your competency and be honest with yourself. You will be able to identify managing talent to work with you on building your business’ success.
  2. Management
    Allow your managers to rate themselves. You will rate them too and compare these scores.
  3. Measure areas of improvement
    This is the most important step. By identifying areas of need, you can build a plan. Should you hire new leaders or conduct training, you will improve your business synergy.If you use this formula, this exercise helps your company prevent turnover and identify areas of improvement.

By creating a growth map showing each of your employee’s strengths, you’ll be able to align your key talent to match your business needs and see what you need to balance. 


You’re in the game of finding the best talent — a candidate that isn’t only qualified but can meet your goals & objectives.

Scaling with Organizational Excellence

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