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Common Myths About Virtual Assistants DEBUNKED | Growing Business Operations

In this article, we discuss how to grow your business capacity without stress, while debunking common myths about virtual assistants. This can be achieved with the help of virtual assistants (VAs). A VA can do the following: take on projects, book appointments for you, answer phones and emails, collect payments, and more. Virtual assistants are ...


In this article, we discuss how to grow your business capacity without stress, while debunking common myths about virtual assistants.

This can be achieved with the help of virtual assistants (VAs). A VA can do the following: take on projects, book appointments for you, answer phones and emails, collect payments, and more. Virtual assistants are versatile hires who use their skills to help get your work, while you become more focused on growing your business.
Ultimately, virtual assistants can help you save time and money. This allows you to spend more time doing what you love most – growing your business!

We invite you to explore some benefits of virtual assistants below:

Booking Appointments: Virtual assistants can schedule appointments for you over the phone and via email. They can even follow up with potential clients for appointments.

Answering Your Phone and Email: Virtual assistants can be on call to answer your phone or emails when it is most convenient for you. You tell them which hours are best to respond, so they only pick up when they know it’s an opportunity that they should handle.
Collecting Payments: A VA can handle your payments for you. They can accept credit cards online, or even cash and checks. They can also be on hand to help with the billing process so you don’t have to worry about chasing your customers down. Virtual assistants are quick and efficient with their follow-up, which is just what you need as a business owner!

Working With Other Vendors: Virtual assistants can be on-hand to coordinate orders from vendors, take care of transactions, order supplies for your company, etc.

Compiling Data: Virtual assistants can be on hand to compile your data from different parts of your business, or even other businesses. For instance, a virtual assistant can compile your Facebook ads data from your Facebook page and put it into a spreadsheet for you.

Create Templates: Virtual assistants can create templates for you or even content if needed for any kind of marketing materials. Of course, there are more ways for virtual assistants to help you grow your business capacities without the stress. Virtual assistants have many skills that can be used to free up your time and money. So, you can focus on growing your business the way you want.

Common Myths about Virtual Assistants DEBUNKED

a happy virtual assistant working in her office

“I can do it on my own.”

If you could do it all by yourself, why would you hire a virtual assistant? Hiring a virtual assistant means that you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business the way you want. You’ll save money in overhead costs and in labor costs.

You can even free up more money for marketing by outsourcing tasks that are time-consuming at low a cost.

Plus, virtual assistants are experts in their field and can do things like collect data much faster than you can!

“Virtual assistants aren’t reliable.”

They are very reliable when it comes to following instructions! Virtual assistants are eager and enthusiastic about their work and will follow instructions exactly the way that you want them done.

You set the task up how you want it done, give them directions on what to do, and then let them get to work. Virtual assistants will send you an outline of what they did. So you can review their work and give them suggestions on what to improve.

Virtual assistants aren’t in your office every day, so they don’t get the same kind of pressure from a boss that you would. That means they are typically very reliable!

MyOutDesk performs FBI-grade background checks on your VA to make sure they are reliable and trustworthy. They also have proven track records or have references available that you can confirm. You could also check their LinkedIn profile and search for other clients who may have worked with them before.

“I don’t trust anybody else.”

This is understandable and a good thing to think about! If you have a VA helping you, there are many benefits to having this extra help. But since you don’t see them every day or regularly check up on them, it may be hard to trust them.

We recommend that you talk to them via Skype or similar so you can see them and know they are the real deal. You can also use video conferencing if you want to see more of their work in action.
There are many ways to verify that they are who they say they are before you begin working together. You will have a better idea about how things are getting done, and you will develop trust in your VA over time.

Virtual assistants can be a great asset to your business and help free up your time for bigger things like marketing, client acquisition, etc.

They can handle the tasks you dread! They can do it quickly and efficiently, so you have more time for growing your business the way that you want. Virtual assistants make a great addition to any competitive entrepreneur’s team. We encourage you to take a look at what they can bring to your business!

a happy myoutdesk virtual assistant on a video call

“I don’t have the money to pay for a Virtual Assistant.”

That’s understandable! However, virtual assistants can also save you money on other items, like time. A great virtual assistant will help free up your time in areas that are bogging down your business. So you can focus on bigger things, like making more sales.

“My virtual assistant just made me $43,000 in commissions. So if you’re still on the fence about hiring one, my advice is: just do it. The ROI on our virtual assistants is amazing – it’s definitely going to finish the year over 20x.” — Marvin Mitchell, awarded Top 1%, financial advisor

“Virtual Assistants aren’t local. I want someone I can interact with in person.”

You do need to talk in person to get the best service and you want to be able to see their work. But there are other ways that you can still connect with your virtual assistant. You could use Zoom or Skype for video conferencing, or call them over the phone. A virtual assistant may actually be more flexible than a local assistant.

a virtual figure walking across a bridge of wooden blocks with the gap filled with myoutdesk

“Virtual Assistants don’t have experience in my field.”

There are many virtual assistant roles, and they each bring something different to the table. MyOutDesk can find a VA that specializes in your department of need. You have someone who is even more knowledgeable than some in-house talent.

“I can’t find anyone who will meet my needs.”

Not necessarily! There are a lot of different virtual assistants out there, and they each have their own specialty. MyOutDesk will work with you to find someone who is a good fit for your work.

“Virtual Assistants do not have the skills I need to start my business.”

This is a common misconception of how Virtual assistants work. Many virtual assistants concentrate on helping you with daily tasks. In turn, you have more time to focus on your own personal goals and vision for your business. In turn, your growing business will help them achieve their career-oriented goals as well. VAs want to prove to you that they are here for you for the long run!

“I don’t need a virtual assistant to help me with my business.”

Yes, you do! It makes sense for you as a business owner to have a workforce that helps with your most time-consuming tasks. It is very important that VAs fit with your culture and your personality. Your VA should be someone who will be enthusiastic about the work they are doing and will do it well. They should also be someone whom you can trust implicitly. These include talented hires who are willing to invest their time to develop their skills to become an expert in their field.

“Outsourcing makes the hustle better — because you’re not burdened with many/growing expenses that you’ll need to figure out how to cover and hit profit”

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