Realvolve is the standard for real estate CRM software – it’s more than just software. It’s a platform for customer relationship management & workflow. In this exclusive interview, we join Dale Warner to discuss exactly what Realvolve does that makes it so powerful & unique – and how you can put it to work in your own business!

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Realvolve is the Real Estate Industry’s first and leading provider of a cloud-based PRM (People Relationship Management) service. It integrates a Cloud-Based CRM, Contacts Manager, End-to-End Workflow Platform, Task Manager, Escrow Manager, and File Manager into a single platform – and easily connects with your SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Email, & Linked-in streamline marketing.

There are many moving parts in the Real Estate transaction lifecycle- and a lot of moving pieces in today’s industry. New technologies, markets, competitors & clients provide a stream of constant change. It’s important to remember that real estate begins with people, though – and that will never change. Realvolve helps you cultivate important relationships by keeping all your contacts in one place – and putting them all at your fingertips.

If you don’t have a CRM – or if you’re just ready to upgrade to one that actually works – Realvolve is the choice for you! Being a cloud-based platform makes it easy for your virtual assistant to use remotely, too – so schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session and get the extra help you need now!