The first step to working your database is making sure you have one. Start with your sphere of influence, and build out from there. Five places to find sphere contacts are cell phone contact, social media, email account, LinkedIn, list of vendors and businesses that you have used.

8 Sources of Business for Buyers: 8 Sources of Business for Sellers:
  • Sphere
  • Farming
  • Open Houses
  • Cold Calls
  • Search Engines
  • Craigslist
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Sphere
  • Farming
  • Circle Prospecting
  • Expired/Cancelled
  • FSBO’s
  • Search Engine
  • Social Media
  • Marketing


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Contact your sphere every couple of months and ask, “who do you know that I should know – that could use my services.” Below is a tracking spreadsheet to help you keep a log of which you have called and visited. Stumped on what to say to vendors/businesses you use – find the script below.


Time block your day with activities that will get you to the maximum touches. Include email, mail, calling, visiting, events, and social media. Furthermore, not all of these tasks need to be done specifically by you. You can have your virtual assistant take on these tasks (excluding events and physical visits).

Prioritize spending more time on higher-quality prospects but not forgetting to nurture lower-quality prospects, as in the long run, when nurtured properly, those leads will turn into clients. Below is a sample follow up/marketing plan by priority level:

8 essential items that agents should use on a routine basis to make sure leads are qualified properly and you have made your minimum 10 touches per day are:

  • Buyer Information Sheet
  • Seller Information Sheet
  • Buyer Lead Tracker
  • Seller Lead Tracker
  • Farming Worksheet
  • Open House Worksheet
  • Guest List Sign-in Sheet
  • Open House Report

Download these assets here.

More Free Stuff!

Need some fresh script to try on your or your virtual assistant’s follow-up calls? Check out these:

  • 3 Goals Script for Active Clients
  • Circle Prospecting Script
  • Open House Script

Download the documents below to test a few proven processes for working:

  • Cold Calls
  • Expired/Cancelled Listings

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