45 hour real estate transaction breakdown chart on a computer

What would you do if you had 30 hours left from every transaction you close? Let’s break it down:

The average transaction takes 45 hours to complete. It takes about one hour of prospecting to generate leads and find one person who wants to buy or sell a home. It will take 5 minutes a day over the course of a few weeks or months to follow up. Let’s chalk that up to a total of another hour. Once your lead is ready, you meet with them for a listing appointment which on a low end of the scale takes about 2 hours. You will then take your buyer and show them houses, or prepare to show your seller’s hour, either will take about 9 hours. Negotiations will take about an hour and closing or settlement another hour. After negotiations and before you make the final settlement, about 30 hours’ worth of paperwork, inspections, and other details need to be taken care of and ironed out. This is 30 hours worth of responsibilities that you can delegate to a Virtual Assistant.

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If you decide to hire someone and get all of that off your plate, you now have THIRTY HOURS you save for each transaction you make. What would you do with that time? What’s great is that not only can you double your business by taking on more deals and clients, but you can also take that time and invest it in building the life you deserve! A life where you can enjoy the results of your hard work.

That’s only ONE area of your business. Think about how much more of your time you can win back if you delegate your administrative work, marketing, and prospecting. Try something we call the sticky challenge —whenever you do something for your business, write it down on a sticky note and jot down how long it takes for you to complete that. After some time, gather all your sticky notes and figure out which ones are things only you can do and which ones you can delegate. Then, calculate the time you can save, which means even more possibilities to grow your business and live your best life.

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