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Hiring a Real Estate ISA Virtual Assistant can be a game-changer for your business. You get someone dedicated to your prospecting and keep that pipeline flowing all the time. First, however, you may want to know if your Real Estate ISA needs to be licensed to make calls.

The easy answer is, it depends on your State’s laws. Every state is different in what tasks they allow for an ISA to perform, licensed or not. Whatever the requirements may be, do not let it hinder you from hiring an ISA anyway! There are still ways you can gain more leverage with your ISA Virtual Assistant.

For your reference, we have put together this table of different States and what the laws are for each. However, make sure to double-check your local laws as there may be updates and amendments. You can also check this article from REALTOR Magazine.


We do have quite a few clients who reside in states that require licensed ISA’s to be able to do cold-call prospecting. If you live in a state with licensure requirements, do not let this stop you from hiring a Real Estate ISA anyway, as there are still many tasks they can accomplish for you. But, again, it depends on what allowances and restrictions are in the state. Here are some workarounds we have discovered from our clients:

Survey Scripts: Your Real Estate ISA can still make calls, but instead of the standard prospecting scripts you may use, you can tweak them to turn them into surveys. After recording responses, you can then have your licensed agent or ISA call those that have positive answers. Again, this saves you time as you will now have pre-qualification out of the way, and depending on the data gathered, you can have the basic information you need to try and close the lead.

Follow-up calls: In some cases, you can ask your Real Estate ISA to make follow-up calls on warm leads or even past clients. They can confirm appointments, ask follow-up questions, or even reach out to your clients who are in the middle of a transaction if you need any documents or information.

Receptionist Role: A Real Estate ISA can also take on the role of a receptionist. They can field incoming calls and take messages. All you need is a good phone system that they can plug into. They can also schedule and confirm appointments (as long as it is not related to any business solicitation). In addition, they can contact vendors, partners, etc.

If you feel that you could still use the leverage that a Real Estate Virtual assistant can bring but cannot employ a Real estate ISA due to your State’s laws, then consider hiring n Administrative or Marketing Real Estate Virtual assistant as well. If you are looking for help in your business, odds are you could delegate tasks from multiple areas of your operations. Make sure to take out Sticky Challenge so you can pinpoint these tasks.

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