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How is it so that entrepreneurs in your networks are outpacing your own content production? They seem to whip up content instantly, like podcast episodes and social posts, throughout all major online media platforms.

Even on a tight budget, you can engage in a full-time digital media presence — and save time while producing high-quality content. It’s no secret that your competitors with media steam engines are leveraging assistant labor, namely virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistants are up to 70% less than the cost of a traditional employee and will work for you on a full-time basis. Virtual Assistants are the powerhouse behind quality podcasts, webinars, Youtube videos, Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, and Linkedin articles.

If you want to launch a high-quality podcast, but need to protect your valued time … you can launch your podcast and upgrade your online presence with a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant!


Content Marketing with a Virtual Assistant — Everyone is doing it!

The secret business strategy that sets social media moguls apart is … leveraging virtual assistants (in many cases, more than one). Virtual assistants work for you full-time at up to 70% less cost than a traditional employee. Here’s what it takes to outcompete competitors.

If you do the math, you can get UP TO 3 full-time virtual assistants for the price of one traditional assistant! Save time for more important things by hiring a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant.

Top talent Virtual Assistants bring you a huge return on investment.
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The Foolproof Method to Launch a Podcast with Virtual Assistants in Record-Timing: Instant Podcast Production 101

Like any entrepreneur, you have many content ideas and need to keep up with spreading your content everywhere. This is the recipe to produce and launch a Podcast immediately with a Virtual Assistant.

1) Introduction to the Re-Purpose System

The Re-Purpose System shows you how you can multiply your efforts and save time by repurposing content from one event or task. There are so many ways that your unique content can be proliferated out in the world when you have someone to do that cyber-legwork for you. 

Forming New Podcasts with Your Existing Content

To get started with making new podcast episodes, begin by taking inventory of all your unique content that you already have in storage: webinars, interviews, videos, guides, articles, and books.

Top talent Virtual Assistants bring you a huge return on investment.
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2) Video Interviews boost your social media, video + podcast content

Double dip (or triple dip) on your content by conducting video interviews. A single video interview can be edited for unique content in Youtube, Facebook video snippets, podcasts, and more!

Any time you are conducting a video interview, it’s best to record the video at this point. You can repurpose that in so many ways, including extracting the audio for podcasts

If you already have content that you can discuss by yourself, you can record your own video to create ‘host-only podcast content.

Start with a guest on a recorded Zoom Webinar and have an arsenal of basic field questions related to your industry or an overall theme.

Once the guest is confirmed, set a pre-recording/live huddle where you (the host) and the guest would talk and figure out exactly what the topic is, and how it fits your niche.

Between planning, setting the guest, hosting, recording, and editing, that takes a lot of time. So this is where you insert a Virtual Assistant(s). They can organize these interviews, and all you have to do as the host is show up. After the interview, virtual assistants produce, edit, publish, and promote these episodes on your behalf.

Software needed for Podcast Production

Using the right software — here at MyOutDesk, we use Adobe Creative Suite for video editing (and eventually sound editing for podcasts).


3) Increase podcast visibility through Apple iTunes & Google Play

There are many easy ways and platforms to do a podcast but the easiest method so far is:

upload to a main, streaming platform that generates an RSS feed (such as Soundcloud or Podbean) — then which you can submit to BIG ones like iTunes Podcasts and Google Play, instead of uploading to these big ones one by one. A Virtual Assistant will maintain your accounts for these platforms and allow you to effortlessly publish quality content on a regular.


Top talent Virtual Assistants bring you a huge return on investment.
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