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Businesses are experiencing personnel and capacity issues due to the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis. We get it.

Instead of running decapitated, virtual assistants will seal up the leaky faucets in your business. If the small business owner is impacted, everyone is impacted. The top two things that CANNOT be cut are the constant flow of leads & closing the sell.


Virtual Assistants are the missing gear for increasing LEAD FLOW

How to increase lead flow when your team has shifted & downsized


Awarded Top 1% US financial advisor Marvin Mitchell built an innovative inbound marketing MACHINE with a lead flow earning him over $3M in revenue last year alone. 

This is how — he hired 2 MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants to prospect, nurture leads, and set appointments for him and his team to close. 

“Because of one 15-minute appointment set by a MOD Virtual Professional…that one, landed client just paid for both virtual assistants for the rest of the year.”

MyOutDesk can save you up to 70% on employment costs with experienced, career virtual assistant professionals. To book an interview with those in our talent pool, click here


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Dynamic business duo Olivia Cooley & Charles Pulliam share, “Without virtual assistants (VAs), it limits us and we have more responsibilities in-house. A VA is significantly more affordable to the business pattern. We get more value for the price. This is essential and instrumental for our growth, not only now but long-term… 3 to 5 years out, we will continue to grow our number of VAs.”

If the top financial advisor in the nation is leveraging MyOutDesk assistants, shouldn’t you as well for your business growth? You are one call away from saving time & closing more deals than you ever had.


Don’t do this alone, but with the MOD Family.

Free Thrive Guide + Strategy Consultation