10 Ways to Dramatically Improve Lead Follow-Up Results

By: Abby | Updated: May 30, 2022
lead follow ups person working on a tablet with a virtual chart above it

Lead follow-up in most industries is akin to running a marathon. It takes patience, dedication, and most importantly, persistence (yes, that means never giving up).  Roughly 44% of salespeople give up after one “no.” Another 22% give up after two. This means that 66% or two-thirds of salespeople will never follow up a third time.

Yet, according to several studies, 80% of “non-routine” purchases like a home are made after at least five follow-ups. Another startling statistic is that 63% of people who contact you today won’t buy for at least two to three months. So if you are not following up with your leads more than once, you are missing out on a ton of business.

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Here are 10 surefire tips to improve your lead follow-up results:


  1. Create a follow-up schedule: Be specific with how you are going to follow up on your leads. Create a schedule that clearly outlines when you are following up and how. Ensure that you also have categories specifying what stage your leads are in (cold, warm, hot, etc.) and what kind of follow-ups they should be receiving. A mapped-out follow-up schedule ensures you get all your touches and that you aren’t overlooking any leads.

  1. Utilize various platforms:  Use more than one channel to reach out to your leads. Emails, social media, phone calls, etc., 12% of Facebook posts are read. 29% percent of Tweets are ever read. 98% of text messages are opened, and 20% of emails are opened. Diversifying your channels of communication increases your chances of making contact.

  1. Timing: As they say, timing is everything. A survey of data on email open rates showed that Thursday is 26% better for email open rates than Monday’s worst weekday. At the same time, an MIT study revealed that Thursday is 49% better for phone contact rates than the worst weekday, Tuesday. Try to find your sweet spot when using these mediums for follow-up.

  1. Use Email Templates:  Using standardized, pre-made email templates can be a great way to ensure you have a clear and consistent message every single time you send an email. Start by figuring out which types of emails you will be sending out the most and create customizable content that contains what you wish to convey. You can use them as-is, or your team can use them as a guideline, but the point is that you will have a solid foundation ready.

  1. Track all contact attempts:  To ensure that your processes are being implemented, make sure you track all actual attempts. This way, you can review and make adjustments if needed. This data will also give you a better gauge of the different stages your leads may be in.

  1. Get Agreements on your next steps: Once a lead asks you to stop contacting them, you should absolutely stop. However, this can be avoided if you build enough rapport to get agreements for your subsequent contact attempts. For example, if they say they are too busy to speak at the time of your call, you can say, “Is it alright if I call again this time tomorrow?” Their answer will give you an idea of where they stand.

  1. Give value with content: A person can only take a sales pitch so many times. So when using platforms such as email or Social Media, use different types of content that either give value (marketing reports, news, etc.) or present you differently. For example, send a video testimonial or a piece about your charity or a cause you champion. Use this as an opportunity to create common ground or pique interest.

  1. Track Email Engagement: Sending out emails to your leads is not enough. It would help if you tracked how many of them open it and engage (clicking links, etc.). There are many ways to track your email using an email management system or a setting on your email account. This will help you figure out what kind of content your leads are interested in.

  1. Call down Lists: A call-down list basically bends your leads into specific groups depending on your set categories. For example, assign someone on your team to take one hour a week to go top to bottom and follow up with 20 leads using a call-down list. Bonus points for sorting and filtering the list by things like last contact, # of calls made, etc.

  1. Teamwork makes the dream work: To ensure that you aren’t losing any business by neglecting follow-ups, you have to have systems and processes in place. Once you have those, you will need people to run them. You cannot do it all alone. Having a stellar time behind you gives you the freedom to keep working on growing your business.

These simple but effective tips can make a whole world’s difference in boosting your business just by paying closer attention to your lead follow-ups. Do you have any tips that you use?

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