Learn the public relations secrets to building a top-producing real estate business in this exclusive interview with Edmund Bogen. He leveraged his career experience as the founder of a highly successful PR firm to break into luxury real estate & investing, and in this exclusive webinar he’s going to share with you the strategies he used to make it work!

Let’s face it: real estate can be a tough, competitive market — and any edge you can get will help you rise to the top. By cross-pollinating your real estate marketing with secrets from a seasoned PR vet like Bogen, you can take your business further in today’s market and stand apart from the competition. Learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition in this exclusive webinar event, and get the leverage you need by scheduling your Thrive Strategy Session now!


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Edmund Bogen is a seasoned sales professional, entrepreneur, and real estate investor. Edmund started his career in public relations growing his New York City-based company as a solo practitioner to greater than 30 employees. After exiting his firm, Edmund used proceeds to invest in properties in NYC, Maryland, and Indiana. He also founded First Degree, a marketing company with offices in NYC and London. First Degree was designed to help business owners grow their own client base. In thirteen years, First Degree has served more than 2000 customers.

For clients interested in luxury home ownership, Edmund is a sought-after broker who understands the ins and outs of this special real estate niche. Entirely focused on the luxury market, Edmund’s portfolio includes the homes of St Andrews Country Club and South Florida.

“I moved my family to Boca Raton from New York City just over 3 years ago and I truly understand what families need to make the move to South Florida,” says Edmund. “I have all the pertinent information including neighborhood dynamics, schools, contractors, and any other service provider and I enjoy sharing my own experiences to help them find the perfect place to make their home.” Sellers can count on him to know what is selling in the area and to utilize creative marketing techniques, creating a picture of life in a new home for the buyer.

By actively listening to his clients and addressing their concerns, Edmund places emphasis on honestly demonstrating the true cost of homeownership and is always at the ready with alternative properties that could better fit their needs and expectations. You can do the same! Schedule your Thrive Strategy Session now!


Free Thrive Guide + Strategy Consultation


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Free Thrive Guide + Strategy Consultation