Generating listing leads is always a challenge for real estate agents. So today, we’re going to break down the right way to use Facebook to generate leads & listings with Travis using behavioral targeting.

In this webinar, we drill down with Travis Thom of Elevated Marketing, Facebook Marketing Strategist, Coach, and Consultant, to utilize consumer behavior targeted listings to reach potential sellers quickly & cost-effectively.

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Behavioral targeting is a marketing method that uses web user information to strengthen advertising campaigns. The technique involves gathering data from various sources about the potential customer’s online browsing and shopping behaviors.

Leveraging consumer behavior information helps create ads relevant to that specific user’s habits and interests and basically places consumers in the context of their online actions. For example, their shopping activity reads like a blueprint for their interests, and these behaviors can be used to predict future actions and interests.

The primary purpose of this technique is to deliver advertising messages to the behavioral target markets that have shown the most interest in them. Using key data points, agents can formulate ads that align with the individual consumer’s trackable preferences and needs without conveying messages the viewer would find unappealing or irrelevant.

Our guest, Travis Thom,  started his Real Estate career at 19 after attending the Academy of Art Institute in San Francisco, where he studied marketing and motion picture films. However, he became interested in jumping into business for himself, left the Art Institute, became a Licensed Realtor, and, at the age of 21, became the youngest Qualifying Broker and Brokerage Owner in the State of New Mexico his current home and place of business.

After several years on my own, I started a small team that focused on new construction developments, which provided him the opportunity to nurture my first love – marketing. From there, his career blossomed, leading to the founding of Elevated Real Estate Marketing,, and many other online ventures.

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