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The COVID-19 craziness has caused people to stress out and scramble to work remotely. This crisis is pushing everything forward technologically. Why not hire a virtual assistant (VA) to scale your property management business?

Jason Hull brings Daniel Ramsey, CEO of MyOutDesk to the DoorGrowShow! As a real estate investor & broker who loves doing deals and property management as a way to connect with others and create communities—Daniel also wants time to take a vacation with his family! This episode explains how an entrepreneur can do the same.

Top talent Virtual Assistants bring you a huge return on investment.
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“When I hired my first VP, in 2007, I was like most Americans: I had no idea how advanced and motivated people were. Back then, I owned a couple of different businesses, and over the subsequent ten years, I learned all that virtual professionals can do for a business from a talent and motivation perspective. I have also learned how rewarding it is to provide hope and opportunity to as many people as possible throughout the world by giving them wages and benefits that reflect their true value.”
The heart of the journey is getting the right people working for you.
The ability to leverage global talent makes it financially attainable, even
for smaller companies, to do so. America’s biggest companies already know
this, as we are beginning to discover.
Leverage is compound interest and entrepreneurs’ biggest swing.
When I hire somebody, I’m hiring them to grow my revenue. I’m hiring them to save money. I’m hiring them to own an entire process for my business.
The biggest cure for the economy is businesses and entrepreneurs staying productive.

You’ll Learn…

[02:52] MyOutDesk: Property managers find talent to inexpensively scale their business.

[04:05] MLS Porn: Scrolling through new investment properties on the market.

[05:05] Remote Reality: In 2018, 5% of America worked remotely, now it’s 50%.

[07:58] Work Culture: Maintain good team, quality interaction, and customer service; and reduce operational/overhead costs.

[15:00] Steps to Scale: Assess business, compound leverage, develop a plan, craft outcome, start interviewing, launch, and training.

[25:48] Match Values, Not Personalities: Define who you are as a person and company.

[33:15] Go Remote Guide: Tips for working remotely with new technology.

[35:08] Push vs. Pull Leadership: Communicate, don’t micromanage.

[44:15] MyOutDesk Mission: VAs need to be indispensable and irreplaceable.

[46:15] Pricing vs. Cash Crunch: Do you need help? Can you afford MyOutDesk?

[53:52] Care ROI Concept: Emotion is what creates memories.

Top talent Virtual Assistants bring you a huge return on investment.
Claim a free Grow Virtual Strategy Session today!