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We know how crucial marketing is for your Real Estate Business. On top of the traditional methods like flyers, door hangers, etc., online marketing has become essential in every marketing strategy today. We know how much time and effort it takes to juggle all your social media platforms, emails, website, blogs, etc.

A marketing Virtual Assistant can handle all of these things for you! They can create posts for your social media platforms, establishing your expertise in your market, and ensure that there is always engagement for your audience. They can handle your email and drip campaigns, creating and setting up sends to ensure that you keep in constant touch with your database, updating them with the latest goings-on in your business. They can also do your blogging, be it writing out specified content that you curate or posting pieces you have created yourself. Finally, they can help create targeted ads for social media or even flyers for you to print out and send.

Do you have an open house or event that you need to spread the word about? Specific listings that you would like to highlight? Do you have topics related to the Real Estate industry you are an expert on and would like to share that expertise, thus establishing your reputation as a reliable source? Your Virtual assistant can help you do all of that and more.

Here are more tasks a Marketing Virtual assistant can take over for you:

Lead Generation, Advertising, & Promotion:

-Contact Management (client database)

-Lead Tracking and Coordination

-Design Marketing Materials

-Write & Place Advertising

-Produce Graphics and Feature Sheets

-Photography (selection and Editing)

-Prepare Listing Packages

-Prepare Buyer Packages

-Prepare Relocation Packages

-Organize Promotional Events

-Purchase Gifts & Promotional Items

-Implement Promotional Campaigns

-Select Graphics Vendors

-Select Advertising Vendors

-Write & Place PR Stories

-Coordinating Community Involvement

-Coordinate Community Service

-Design & Maintain Website

-Set up & Maintain Talking Ads (IVR)

-Research New Marketing Opportunities

-Maintain a File of Testimonials

-Handle Consumer Complaints

Seller Prospecting & Servicing:

-Research the Market & Prepare a CMA

-Prepare and Deliver a Pre-Listing Package

-Arrange for Signs

-Arrange for the Lock Box

-Set up Showing Procedures

-Take or Arrange for Photographs

-Put Information in the MLS

-Put in or Link to Websites

-Provide Graphic Feature Sheets

-Arrange for Flyers and Marketing Materials

– Arrange for an Office Tour

-Arrange for a Broker Open House

-Provide Feedback from Showings

-Update the MLS and Websites


Buyer Prospecting & Servicing:

-Provide a Buyer Representation Packet

-Research the MLS

-Send Updates to Out of Town Buyers

-Arrange for House-Hunting Visits

-Provide Pricing & Market Research


Administration & Accounting:

-Set Up and Maintain All Files

– Maintain Listing Property Files

-Maintain Contract Files

-Maintain Archives

-Make Copies

-Open and Distribute Mail

-Read and Answer Mail

-Buy Supplies

-Inventory Supplies

-Make Appointments for Showings

-Scheduled Events and Meetings

-Inventory Signs and Lock Boxes

– Arrange for Coverage and Availability

-Set Up and Maintain Chart of Accounts

If you want a copy of this list, click HERE or the image below to download our essential task list for Marketing Virtual Assistants.


Marketing may be essential to your business, but you also have other revenue-generating activities that you need to focus on. So schedule a Double Your Business Strategy Session today, and let’s discuss how you can gain more time and leverage with MyoutDesk!