Fast and Steady Wins the Race


That old saying about “slow and steady” winning the race, doesn’t always make sense. A successful business can grow fast and remain steady. Jeff Robbins, Managing Director at By Referral Only, already knew that from his own successful experiences. That notion was reaffirmed when his company came to MyOutDesk seeking help in the form of virtual professionals. The business world has been going through unprecedented changes since early 2020, and BRO (By Referral Only) has been doing what most companies are; keeping up with the times. Because when the world is changing fast, it pays tremendously to stay ahead of that curve.


“I’m watching your business, your system, and I’m really impressed by it.”


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Fix The Problem Before It’s a Problem


Jeff Robbins could see the writing on the wall; they needed professional help with the workload that was piling up on their plate. He also knew that finding the right help would be an additional workload in itself. It’s problems like this that a business can face, where MyOutDesk truly shines as a hero. Jeff came to use with a roadblock and we cleared it by providing several virtual professionals with the specific skills he needed. Since we had already done the entire interview and assessment procedures with them, this saved Jeff’s company a lot of valuable time. The entire process was so fast it caught him off guard and he had to adjust to how smooth and successful it all went! 



“With the effort, you put in to really find the right match, I had to adjust my mind to how fast things move.”



By Referral Only now has several virtual professionals from MyOutDesk, fulfilling very specific roles among their existing agents. Besides the smooth and efficient onboarding process, Jeff has been most impressed by the natural fit of our VP’s. In the video above, Jeff talks about how the people from MyOutDesk quickly became a natural fit in his company culture. That’s something they take great pride in at BRO. From professional synergy to sharing photos of their kids and pets, it’s been an ideal experience. The VP’s assigned to their account have fit in just as well as if they had extensively screened them themselves. That’s because the pride of MyOutDesk is doing the work ourselves, finding the perfect fit for the role we’re asked to fill. All so our client doesn’t have to worry about that, and can just focus on the results of a successful decision made.


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The Beautiful Synergy of B2B


“The thing I’m most impressed with; is the way these guys have folded into our culture. They love us and they do not want to let us down.”


The experience BRO had with MOD is exactly the kind of experience we strive for. They were faced with a lot of work to be done and not enough skilled professionals to get it done. They needed to not just hire more people, but hire great people to hit the ground running. That’s essentially two problems in one, isn’t it? MOD takes pride in killing two birds with one stone, so it was a natural fit between the two businesses. By reading this story you either already has a similar problem at your business, or you’re expert enough to see one coming. In either case, you’re interested in getting the right help, done the right way. So follow the link and reach out, and we’ll assess your needs and explain exactly how we can resolve them.


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